Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 4 months ago

Test your Pawn Endgames

share evaluation with lines. It's white to move.


Sriram M

Sriram M 4 months ago

It should be draw after...

1. c4! a4 

2.  cxd5 a3

3. d6  a2

4. d7  a1Q

5. g8Q+ Kxg8

6. d8Q+

Or maybe White can win because of his h-pawn if he escapes the checks. If second move dxc4, then d5 a4 d6 a3 d7 a2 g8Q+ Kxg8 d8Q+ Kg7 Qd1 and White wins. If we waste time playing h6 on the first move, Black's passed pawn will win.

Robert J.

Robert J. 4 months ago

I would say the position is a draw. Both sides will promote at the same time.

1.c4! a4 2.cxd5 a3 3.d6 a2 4.d7 a1Q 5.d8Q  Qc1+ 6.Ke4 Kxg7 draw.

1.c4! dxc4? 2.d5 a4 3.d6 a3 4.d7 a2 5.d8Q  a1Q 6.g8Q+ white wins.