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 have sent you a Email GM Avetik on  [email protected]!! plz check it out and reply GM Avetik! I am really waiting for your answers! It is about recommending me a study plan. I have described my strengths and weaknesses, the books I have and the Softwares /memberships I have. Sadly, I do not have a membership on chessmood because my dad does not allow :(

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 2 weeks ago


tel me ur elo so may be I can help you a bit?

skipper chess

skipper chess 2 weeks ago

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 2 weeks ago

Okay, in the bottom let me suggest you a study plan which I normally share with below 1500 players.

Opening and MiddleGame Basics:

Yes, Chessmood openings are best to learn but before that I think you need to work on basic opening principles such as center control, bring all pieces out, don't move too many pawns in the opening, don't bring the queen out early, etc. For this kind of basic concept I love the book which I studied in past and it helped my overall basic skills it's Logical Chess Move by Move by Irving Chernev.  The good thing about this book is that it's simple and easier to understand book and author explains all moves in depth. Issue in this book is that it's an old book so analysis have some mistakes but I think ideas matter at your level not bunch of analysis. 

How to read a book?

For this purpose @GM_Avetik_Grigoryan made a wonderful video on YouTube and the link is in the bottom. Follow his plan and you will improve.



Knowing tactical pattern is an important skill and recognizing them is also very important skill. For this purpose let me give you some book names and you choose your favourite one.

1. Learn Chess Tactics by John Nunn.

2. Chess Tactics from Scratch: Understanding Chess Tactics by Martin Weteschnik

3. Chess Tactics for Champions by Susan Polgar

How to solve tactics book?

In the bottom I am sharing some tips which you can follow. 

1. For me my approach is old but effective one I think. I suggest you not to move pieces during you work on tactics. Yes for examples first try to work on them then move pieces on the board to see all the lines. In  case of exercises after chapters I suggest never move pieces during you calculate.

2. Use a notebook and pen to write down all the variations of every puzzle which you solve. for example let's say you are one chapter one named fork then make the title fork and in the bottom of the page write down all the answers of the puzzles which you solved after you understood examples. This way you can compare your solutions with the book ones and you will see how well you saw the solution and where you missed line.

3. I strongly suggest to finish all three books which I wrote above so after that your basics of tactics will be strong enough to handle more complex book.

4. During your solving session I do suggest to write the time too. Let's say you solved chapter one in 30 mins. Like that. 

That's all I suggest for tactics.


I know there are a lot books in market but I will suggest you only one and I think it's best for all beginners and it helped my basics too. It's silman endgame course. The good thing about this book is that it will present material in rating system format so it will always motivate you to learn more endgame but other books are complex and easily demotivate you . Soon, chessmood is also going to launch their endgame course so before that learn basic endgames from this book.

Importance of knowing Classics:

In my very first meet with @GM_Avetik_Grigoryan he told me one thing. Abhi learn classics and it's the best way to improve your skills. I did what he asked me to do. Yes, during my study time I felt a lot excited about knowing other things like imagination and creativity but he told me that you can reach even 2400 elo without creativity. But trust me knowing classics helped my creativity level too and it  is still improving so work on classics. Biggest thing which I am feeling in me is that my intuition is improving day by day For more info kindly read this amazing article by @ChessMood_



1. Learn basic opening principles.

2. Master tactics.

3. Learn fundamental endgames.

4. Work on classics. 

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 2 weeks ago

@skipper_chess I hope my plan will be useful for you like it was for me. For more info you can tag me. But dedication matters. Chess is not simple and if you work with dedication you can achieve your goals. Work well and you will rocks. You are lucky at the age of 10 you found Chessmood. I am 23 and still my goal is to reach GM title in chess. 

Edo Tokyo

Edo Tokyo 2 weeks ago

Nice reply Abhi, if he follows your advice, he will surely grow a lot as a player...
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 2 weeks ago

thanks @Edo_Tokyo I saw him many times posting in forums about a lot chess things so I thought to help him . I am not master but yeah for below 1500  players I have amazing plan which I shared with him. True, if he follow this plan then within two weeks he  will feel difference in his game play

skipper chess

skipper chess 2 weeks ago

Thank you sooooo much guys :) ;)
skipper chess

skipper chess 2 weeks ago

Do you only give study plan to PRO members? plz give to normal members as well!! plz!
ARNAV maheshwari

ARNAV maheshwari 2 weeks ago

Please be patient if you need urgent reply message in chessmood facebook group [open group] where many players will help you out
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 week ago

You are welcome @skipper_chess

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 1 week ago

Skipper, "personalized plan" word speaks for himself. 
How do you imagine to give personalized plan of our 10.000 members? 
Abhi's post is nice. Check it out.