Please help!!

I have invited 3 people and all of them signed up but still I haven't got any moodcoins please help

Chessmood Odysseus

Chessmood Odysseus 1 week ago

Hello @Fan_of_Football I just checked your account data and the moodcoins were transferred to your account for the last 3 users  from 20.08.2021 and then there was another user registered with your referral on 04.09.2021. 4 users in total. I verified that the moodcoins were transferred correctly, they were before and also now in your account. Please check your notifications, I am sure that you had the message sent. Your moodcoins balance is correct.

Thanks and keep working on your chess! 

Fan of Football

Fan of Football 1 week ago

Thanks for checking but the thing is that 4 were invited way before but today I invited 4 or something but not through mail but through the link because I didn't know their email id  and I tried refreshing a lot and they said they have done it but I didn't get any of them 
Chessmood Odysseus

Chessmood Odysseus 6 days ago

Ok, the support staff will contact you via email. There is no need to discuss this private matter in an open forum. I will delete this post once you confirmed that you read it.


Fan of Football

Fan of Football 6 days ago

Chessmood Odysseus I understand but I don't actually know how to use Gmail am still a child so is it ok if I just sent the usernames only?