Sarathi Ray

Sarathi Ray 6 months ago

Daily Puzzle

Can anyone provide hints on yesterday's puzzle?  It's marked on the site as 5/20.   Thanks.  

Alexander Averbukh

Alexander Averbukh 6 months ago

White is able to trap the black queen after its promotion.
Sarathi Ray

Sarathi Ray 6 months ago

I think I need more than a hint!   What is the first move?   To eventually trap the new Black queen...
Kevin D

Kevin D 6 months ago


I can't give you the first move but I can give you some visualization tips to help your thought process along:

A) Imagine the White Knight being on b3, is there any  forking potential? The answer is no, so we can eliminate that.

B) What about the only other square for the Knight d3, is there any  forking potential? The answer is yes. From d3 the Knight threatens Nb4 check and if the White Queen is on a2, c2, it will be a fork, also notice that from d3 the Knight covers the b2 square. 

C) Lets check the immediate Nd3 and see if it works. 1. Nd3 b1=Q check 2. Kf2 now black has four possibilities, lets examine them:

a.  2...Qxa2 allows Nb4+ winning
b. 2...Qc2 allows Nb4+ winning
c.  2...Qb5 allows Rh5+ winning
d. 2....Qxh1 Unfortunately this refutes the move 1. Nd3 because it leaves the rook unprotected after Black queens with check.

Now that we have identified the problem with 1.Nd3 the question is, do we abandon the idea altogether, or try to fix it?

Keep in mind that the White king and rook are still on their initial squares and have not moved yet. :-)

Sarathi Ray

Sarathi Ray 6 months ago

@Kevin_D - Thanks so much for your detailed reply.   I really appreciate it.   I saw all the analysis up until your last sentence :)  I just could not get Nd3 to work because the rook hangs.   I never considered castling!   Awesome, thanks again man - Sarathi