Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Our Mission:
Help Our ChessMood Members to Level Up Their Skills with
Smile and Happiness

Join Our Instructors Team

We have a very high standard of video courses and events.
If you are a Grandmaster or a professional coach and you think you can provide high quality content for our members, please, contact us. We are looking for professionals and bright people who can add value in ChessMood.

Become Our Partner

We are open to cooperate and bring more value to chess lovers. If you have a chess community (website, youtube channel, page on Social Media platforms, group on FB, etc.), contact us.
We have an affiliate program which is WIN-WIN-WIN for you, for the chess world and all of us.

Join Our Happiness Department

We have a special department, which is responsible for the smile of our community.

Our humorist team makes cartoons, jokes and much more to make you laugh or at least smile. Our Support Team helps you to have the best experience in ChessMood.
We welcome everyone, who wants to join our team and bring joy to our members.

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