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Abhi- Mr Arrogant right?

Note: Post is full of anger but deep respect to those who know me and who knows who I am  and deep respect to coach who always helped me but I just wanna ask some questions to those who think I am arrogant.

I heard recently from my friend that sometimes my posts looks like I am arrogant and self-centered. I felt shocked. I also feel like idk why a lot people think that  selfish and self centered and a guy who like to show off?  

I am arrogant because I post daily in chessmood?

I am arrogant because I talk a lot about chess because I have burning desire to improve?

 I am arrogant because I care for all those players who ask me to help them?

I am arrogant because I post a lot what I studied daily?

I am arrogant because I post a lot games saying I crushed sicilians using Grand Prix? Just because I wanna share 1000s of people the right path so they join Chessmood and learn from coach.

Tell me why any of you think from inside that I am arrogant?

I am arrogant because in past I said I work 10 hrs a day and I wanna make it 18 like I did in 2017. In 2017 I met my second coach and I went to his home and I worked with him 2 months and from a pure beginner I crushed almost everyone in below 1600 section. I gained 120 elo and got 1303 to 1465 in my second rated event of my life. He worked not only on my basics but also he drove 4 times in a month on weekend for 2 hrs so I can play with his friends and   I will have idea how below 1600 players think so when I play in real life I will have playing experience. He also worked on my physical strength and we walked daily 2 hrs in morning and an hr at night.

Well I am inspired from Bobby Fischer's movie "Pawn Sacrifice" in which at some point young fischer said he is working 18 hrs a day so he can be world champ. Here as  a beginner I work daily 8- 10 hrs so I can be 2000 in one year. So what's problem ? You think I am doing show off then tell me I will give you contact number of my mentor. Call him and ask him at what time abhi was sleeping and how much I worked as beginner there. You will realize not all are fake.  I think it's achievable to work 18 hrs a day if you do it like 5-6 hrs then improve your stamina and then reach 18 hrs a day. In my culture we can work like that if we chant God's spells. 

Now tell me why any of you think I am arrogant??????????? 

Is my hard work annoy you? Is my burning desire to improve chess hurt your ego that you have no potential to work like I am doing as beginner?  If you can't work then work on yourself instead of making comments or making statement on anyone without even knowing who I am. What you guys know about me? What you guys know about my past? What you guys know who motivate me to work ? how many of you guys know that from the age of 16 I wanted to become a chess master but my family did not understoof how chess works and my dad make fun of me when I lost so I only took less lessons and I also found very bad mentors in the beginning who never helped me and in 2017 when I found a nice mentor then my parents said work on computers and get a job and I had to leave chess studies to make them happy. I found a wrong computer institute which also taught me so rubbish computers and I worked on computers skills by my own again but in the end due to lack of money (because dad lost his job ) I left computers too. Then I was forced to prepare for govt. jobs and I only liked chess but now I am again on wrong track which I knew. Now in 2020 when there is no chance of getting government job then I started to work on chess and in march 2020 I was like beginner again but then I worked a lot and with the help of coach avetik I am playing min like 1800 FIDE now in less than a year. I am working with two 1900 elo players one from India and one from US and I am working with two 1600+ players One from US and one from India.  How many of you know my "Why"? 

You guys know nothing but still you guys bother me by calling me arrogant. 

Those who have so low thinking like that no matter master or beginner can kindly text me and then I will prove who I am. An arrogant guy or just a guy who love chess so much that I sleep with chess books. 

Well, I don't do react on most of the things but life taught me one thing. If anyone is nice with you then you have to do everything for them and those who try to hurt you then you have to kill them mentally and then leave them for forever. I don't believe in ignore people. I believe in kill them mentally. It took 20 mins of my life in writing this post but it helped me to get rid out of my anger and I hope it can be a proof that I am just a chess addict and I wanna become a Grandmaster. Some people speak but never work I speak after I work. I am improving slowly but surely and my all partners feel that and including coach. I am slow not intelligent and you can say an ordinary fellow but I wanna work to become an extraordinary guy. I don't wanna impress whole world. I wanna be satisfied with my own work. Right now I am nothing in chess but soon I will be something. 

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A criticism of the TODO list

Recently there was the blog article on planning using TODO lists to help complete your study.

As I saw an article (below) relating to TODO lists, I thought I'd throw it into the discussion. This offers scheduling (allocating) time instead as an alternative idea for those that find TODO lists have some of the problems mentioned.


Note that I don't believe in either method alone, other than for occasional use or hitting a deadline when there is the need to focus on specific tasks or time-box something. Both can be used together though (i.e. you schedule time for certain tasks on the TODO list). However for trying to work long term, neither works for me. A big part is finding what works which differs between individuals.

As explained in my reply to the TODO article, there are at least two components which scupper the best laid plans of TODO lists and schedules - realism of tasks and motivational hunger. I'm less motivated if there are enough unknowns, or the task is too large and unrealistic or not something I'm good at from past experience. [Note being able to cope here and being a 'can do' person is a great way to get ahead in a career since others will also shy from difficult ill-defined tasks]. Doing too much of something (or something is far more pressing or interesting at this moment) also means tasks won't get completed or we'll feel burned out trying to do them - you can only sprint for so long - small chunks often are usually better that marathon sessions just to get tasks over with. The hare and tortoise can be seen as an allegory for this.

So where does this leave chess. I wish I was saying it as someone who'd made a title and then I could say it with a little bit more authority, but as I'm too a learner at good amateur standard, the best I can do is draw parallels from what I've succeeded in. If you need to organise your time and tasks to get enough work done then by all means do it. Just make sure the tasks aren't trying to accomplish more than one or two small things at once (learning a 25 move variation in an opening you don't really know well when you aren't a strong player, is not that, remembering what options Black has after move 6, and what the rough plan to each, is). Make sure the tasks you are accomplishing are the important ones given the time you have (not missing simple tactics is more important than knowing all the openings even if you could accomplish that). Avoid information overload. Aim to do study often, make a habit of it, than cram for a week or two, get demotivated, forget it all, then try to restart next year. And remembering knowing is one thing, being able to demonstrate it on the board and win is the end goal.

Happy to be corrected by others that have got further than I.

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Smith Morra Gambit - What's the truth?

Hello ChessMood family, I have a question for you to ponder that has been on my mind recently, and now that GM Jaacob Aagaard (CEO of Quality Chess Publishing and one of the editors of Mayhem in The Morra) has joined our ranks, I thought that now would be as good a time as any to pose it. The question is how should we correctly evaluate the Morra Gambit, is it good for White, is it good for Black or should we simply consider it dynamically equal.

In my earlier days as a chessplayer I always figured with a bit of knowledge and accurate play Black should be able to snatch this pawn and emerge with an advantage. Now after years have past and my experience has grown I am not sure anymore if my previous conviction still holds true. Much ink has been spilt on this Gambit both for and against and still the chess world has been unable to settle on a definitive determination. 

I have posed the Morra question to many GM's over the years and most of them have opined it's a very dangerous gambit but probably incorrect, not a very satisfying answer for me who was hoping for something a bit more concrete. Then the following encounter happended, Morra Guru IM Marc Esserman with the White pieces was paired against none other than Vishy Anand in Gibraltar 2016 and the 'Gambit World' watched and waited with bated breathe to see whether Anand would venture the Sicilian and more importantly would Esserman dare essay his signature system.

Anand is still considered one of the best theoretically prepared players of our generation and when he played 1...c5 and Esserman unafraid plowed forward with 2.d4?!?!? the World half expected, including me, to be finally treated to the refutation of this irksome Gambit, instead we got 2...cxd4 3.c3 Nf6 and the World gave a collective sigh. Long story short Anand eventually got a worse position and was fortunate to hold the draw against his IM opponent, and thus granted a psychological victory to Morra aficionados everywhere. Reflecting on all this afterwards I concluded that The Morra is not met at GM level all that often, far less Elite GM level, so this could explain Anand's reluctance to enter its labyrinth against the World's foremost expert, still it also suggests there is no consensus on what the best line is against this Morra enigma even at GM level.  

So I ask again, what's the truth: Good; Bad; Dynamically Equal; or something else altogether.

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The winners of November

Hello ChessMood Family! 
There were never posted so many nice games as in this month. 

The 1st prize goes to Michael Larsen for his fantastic attack in the endgame. 

The 2nd prize goes to T K for his great tactic! Qe5! The game you can find on this page:

The 3rd prize goes to Abhi Yadav, for his strong attack, sacrificing three pieces! 

The 4th prize goes to Piotr Urbanski for his brave attack and the nice mate Nh1! 

The 5th prize goes to Khokan De for killing the English with out systems. 
The game you can find here: https://chessmood.com/forum/main-channel/the-best-games-of-november-and-the-prizes?page=1  

Among other nice and instructive games, there are 3, which I would recommend you spend time and check out, as they're very instructive. 

https://lichess.org/ducG7ydI/white#47 played by Chong, a very instructive attack. 
https://lichess.org/wD1hofSw/black    Suren paralyzed all White's pieces. 
https://lichess.org/vPvGQxIq#57   If someone showed me this game, I would say it's played by one of the classics. :) 

Good job guys! Thanks, everyone, see you next month! 

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