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Zen Mode on Lichess- Boom for my Chess

How many of you think that hiding chess ratings will improve your playing results. I am stuck to a barrier and I am trying to break it. Recently I tried a new thing which I heard from my strong friend and training partner Jay. I thought to hide opponent's ratings so I can play a game of chess without knowing my opponent's ratings. Guess what happened?  

I started to winning a lot games and my SLP also became super well. In the bottom I shared some of my games.







Crushed a 2200 positionally


Win against 2200+


Crushed a 2200+ again


Missed mate but nice king hunt I think

Yes, I do not say I played superb chess but I am starting to play without any fear. I do not have a lot experience so I it annoy me when I see ratings. Esepcially online. Offline I never felt fear because I have a lot time to think. 

So, what's your approach guys to play online chess?

Now my goal is to break this 2300 level. I am trying to keep my elo to 2200 but it goes down and then back to 2200 then down. Slo up down is going on here but Zen Mode is superb

replied 1 year ago
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hello guys who are interested to play games . I have my club https://www.chess.com/club/serious-chess-club-for-champions where we organize daily tournaments and play games believe my by playing games I had recently increased 120 points in online chess. I am not sure whether it is right to advertise here but I want to play against strong players[chess mood players] to improve my game

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