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just watched the "exchanging bishops" video and played a few games

I just played white against the French and followed the few moves I could remember (I had prepped for the Sicilian; he wanted to try something new against much-lower-rated me).  I got to this position and wanted to trade my dsb but Stockfish hated it - https://lichess.org/5LBQQLrj/black#19  I eventually got a crushing advantage (!) but gave it back and ultimately lost.  Was my thinking correct that my dsb was bad, but my execution off?

The rematch was my horrible attempt to defend against 1.d4.  I got to this position where I thought it would be good to defend my K with my lsb and trade if he wanted to - https://lichess.org/HntdT6lm/black#18  Again, the computer evaluation was horrible in my opponent's favor, and got much worse with that move.  What was wrong with my thinking?  His thinking turned bad a bit later when he blundered the initiative and I found the win. :-)

I understand that the two-bishop advantage exists.  Should I not have been thinking of exchanges in these games?

Theme opening tournaments on lichess

Continuing from a previous post.

Can we not just start this up anyway. Lichess' existing one is someone's own repertoire (since it repeats the same things), none of which really interests me, with no indication of a schedule to know when something might cross over into mine, except checking what is input as upcoming on the day.

The format is for example:

12:00-12:27 Caro Kann bullet arena (1 0)
13:00-13:57 Caro Kann superblitz arena (3 0)
14:00-14:57 Caro Kann blitz arena (3 2)

This format takes place twice a day with different openings.

While we can argue about what the best controls would be, keeping it inside an hour is good. Without experience, I would suggest the format above (if it had a gap between the last two tournaments) might work well. Yes bullet isn't really good chess, but by increasing the controls like this, you could analyse your games to work out what you forgot, then be ready to play it better in the next one, the earlier ones test your reactions/defaults (arguably). This could be done by leaving an extra 30 mins between the 2nd and 3rd tournament.

Initially it could be done without Chessmood being mentioned at all. If Chessmood then give their blessing and want to take oversight/control in the management later, then fine. At that point it could also be a used to advertise Chessmood as the place to come and prepare for the tournament since that repertoire is the one it will be based on. By being open to everyone, it is then going to get the numbers needed to make it viable.

A few questions remain:
Can anyone add tournaments into the lichess calendar or does it need sign off from lichess for that - without it being in the calendar it will be difficult to promote it
If it does need sign off from lichess, is it still possible to affiliate it with (or promote) Chessmood later?
How can the schedule for events, at least for the next few weeks, be publicised?
Do we have a few members that would be interested in running it and updating what is upcoming?