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Anti-Sicilian Part 3 - 2. ... e6 3. f4 Nc6 4. Nf3 Nf6

Hi, I just faced 4. ... Nf6 in a blitz game and did not find it in my notes. I checked previous discussions in the forum (https://chessmood.com/forum/pro-members/anti-sicilian-part-3-question-3nc6#scroll11080 and https://chessmood.com/forum/pro-members/anti-sicilian-part-3-question-3nc6#scroll11105) but if I am not mistaken, we have not exchanged ideas on this position.

What do you think about immediately attacking the knight with 5. e5 (what I actually played)? And how to continue further:

playing d2-d4 or not
exchanging the light-squared bishop against the knight on c6 or not and
how to develop the dark-squared bishop?

I added some more thoughts in the pgn.