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Theme tournament - Scotch Steinitz System (4... Qh4) on lichess

I finally found a theme tournament of interest on lichess today (https://lichess.org/5BwojSsYYGcb) and played in the 3 0 (there was also 1 0, 3 2 and 10 0 but that was overkill). I was essaying the 5. Nb5 Chessmood suggestion as White. I finished 17th of 503, and at one point I was leading the tournament. Sadly the 0 inc got to me a few games.

Nb5 is a very good line, but I have a little bit of a gripe of the course, that the few moves that give Black a game (despite inferior play) are not covered with perhaps some model games to best get into the middlegame. Too much is placed on it being a dodgy YouTube move and looking at solely at serious refutations rather than giving it some respect. It's bad, but it's not refuted by Nb5 and some players will accept a slightly worse position against someone who knows what they are doing if they also win against many opponents on tricks. Luckily many opponents just fell into the bad lines, especially as they would be more familiar with Nc3 if they played it at all.

Some more 'respectable' lines that need correct handling to keep advantage and should have been mentioned:
5... Bb4+ instead of Bc5
7... a6 before Bf4 can be played where 8. N1c3 is correct and maybe 9. Nd4 depending on what Black plays (e.g. after Qe8) which gives White a huge if not winning initiative
5... Qd8 - yes a wasteful retreat, but the king hasn't had to move, so White must play correctly e.g. 6. Bf4 e.g. Bb4+ 7. c3 Ba5 8. N1a3 (or 7. N1c3, a3, b4) to keep the advantage

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