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Grandmasters vs PRO Members!

Hey Champions! 
How are you doing? 
I have cool news for you! 
As I told the last time, you gonna have many games vs Grandmasters, during the period.
So here we go: 
In less than 1 hour we have a tournament where 5 Grandmasters join it: 

On 24, Tuesday - 1-1 Games, GM Gabuzyan vs PRO Members 
On 25, Wednesday - Simul Game:  GM Ter Sahakyan vs PRO Members
On 26, Thursday - 1-1 Games, GM Gabuzyan vs PRO Members  
On 27, Friday - 1-1 Games, GM Gabuzyan vs PRO Members   
On 28, Saturday - Simul Game: You guys vs me :D :D :D  

Let's beat COVID-19 boredom, and use this period to speed up the growth. 
With our Grandmasters team, we will do our best.  

For more info about the schedule of events and how to participate, you can find in the link below: 

Right Mood - Right Move ​​​​

PRO Members

Must Read! "Improvement and comfort zone"

Hey Champions! 
This gonna be a long post, but very important!

Are you learning the courses now? Are you going to learn or you have finished already? 
In all cases, you may have problems AT FIRST. 


The thing is when you learn these courses, you learn lots of new stuff, very often you learn some openings that you have never played, you are getting out of COMFORT ZONE.
But we grow only when we are uncomfort.  

At first, you may have problems. Don't stop. 

One of my students was playing 1.Nf3,g3... all his life. We switched to e4 and to aggressive chess! 
He dropped his online rating from 2300 to 2200. 
We knew that it would happen, and guess what? After a few weeks, he got 2300 back, and then 2400 and after a month 2500 !!! 

I warn you, it may happen. Don't worry and don't come back to your old openings, thinking that it's not working. Play them a lot. After you get in comfort with your new weapons, you will start to crush everyone! 

@Jay Garrison, tell your story. The same happened to you, right? 

This may happen to anyone of us.

Don't afraid guys, please. The downswing will be just temporary and then it will be a big upswing. 

Victor Korchnoi said - "The fastest way to grow in chess is to learn new openings." 
You learn new openings, you see lots of new ideas, you get out of comfort zone, you implement those ideas, they become yours... And WooW!!! Now you are much stronger than before. 

I am not going to teach you easy openings, traps, that will give you good results at first, but what then? 

So, please, please, please, don't afraid of getting out of comfort Zone. Your results may become worse. But it will be just at first and will be very temporary. After that, its gonna be explosive growth. 

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Free Chess Database for training...

Very good free training database chess software

http://scid.sourceforge.net/ you can also get pgn files from 

http://theweekinchess.com/twic and also 


To start your own personal databases. I bought chess king and got Houdini 5 pro and a lot of games I exported from chess kings database for cheap. Just one word of caution the engine works in scid but if you upgrade to chessbase they won’t let you use engine from any place that’s not part of their software so when I upgraded to chessbase I had to keep scid to use my Houdini 5Pro.

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