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just watched the "exchanging bishops" video and played a few games

I just played white against the French and followed the few moves I could remember (I had prepped for the Sicilian; he wanted to try something new against much-lower-rated me).  I got to this position and wanted to trade my dsb but Stockfish hated it - https://lichess.org/5LBQQLrj/black#19  I eventually got a crushing advantage (!) but gave it back and ultimately lost.  Was my thinking correct that my dsb was bad, but my execution off?

The rematch was my horrible attempt to defend against 1.d4.  I got to this position where I thought it would be good to defend my K with my lsb and trade if he wanted to - https://lichess.org/HntdT6lm/black#18  Again, the computer evaluation was horrible in my opponent's favor, and got much worse with that move.  What was wrong with my thinking?  His thinking turned bad a bit later when he blundered the initiative and I found the win. :-)

I understand that the two-bishop advantage exists.  Should I not have been thinking of exchanges in these games?

Study Partner!
  • . I am currently working on 3 classics book with 2 training partner and I am glad they are super serious about learning and improving their skills to the next level and everyday they are thirsty to learn something new and grasp new ideas. I want to work on books which I shared in the bottom of  For improving positional skills and Endgame If you have burning desire and are serious about learning something new from classics analysis then don't miss to join my study training. But I hate excuses, yeah if they are genuine then it's ok. I don't wanna lazy partner. Only serious and strong players can contact me. The reason behind joining strong player so that I can also learn from them. Another thing is that I just started working on analysis of classics so I need supportive partner who can help me to see the lines well.

    About me:

    I am Abhishek Yadav. I am an Indian. I have 1465 FIDE rating and online is around 2100 on lichess new account and old account had 2180. I have burning desire to learn something that's why I am here to learn from Chessmood Family. Hope to see you soon!

    Right now I am working on:

    1) Morphy Move by Move book with Devansh

    2) Petrosian Move by Move with Devansh.

    3) Capablanca’s Best Chess Endings” by Irving Chernev  with Jay Garrison

    For improving positional skills and Endgame

Rubinstein’s Chess Masterpieces: 100 Selected Games” by Hans Kmoch

Grandmaster Chess Strategy: What Amateurs Can Learn from Ulf Andersson’s Positional Masterpieces”by Jurgen Kaufeld and Guido Kern

Anatoly Karpov’s Best Games by Anatoly Karpov

Daily Puzzle link in page footer

The daily puzzle links to an old puzzle - https://chessmood.com/daily-puzzle/17.09.2020

It'd be great if you'd fix it so I could get my daily fix with just one click!  By the way, I finally solved one today.

Queen vs Pawns, Part 1

Hello Champions! 
Today we've launched a new course - Queen vs Pawns.  

Before watching it, I'm offering you to test your knowledge. 

Let's go here is the first position. 
2 questions.
1. Do you know how to win it? 
2. Where should be White's King and Queen, when it's a draw even if it's White to move? 

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