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Ask me Anything Webinar Notes

- These are my notes from the "Ask me Anything" webinar. I only took notes on the questions that I thought were most useful to me. To get the full webinar, feel free to go to the recording. 

How much do you study per day? 

- depends on your goal 

- slowly improve: ~1 hour 

- a lot of time (5+ hours) to improve a lot 

- be productive, rest if needed

- try to study as much as you can 

What do you recommend against Rossolimo?

- System with ...g6 where Black recaptures with ...dxc6 after Bxc6 

- Check Carlsen's games on how he handles the Rossolimo

What did you do to become GM? 

- have a burning desire, hard work, and determination

- find people that will help you on your journey 

- understand why I wanted to become GM

How to properly use engine?

- engine is not always right, don't blindly trust it 

- check only blunders with engine 

- don't work strategical/positional positions with engine 

What to do for crucial games? When you have to win?

- don't panic and don't relax at the same time 

What is the optimal training environment? 

- environment where you can grow and enjoy 

- use trustworthy sources 

- surround yourself with people that have already achieved what you want to achieve 

Blindfold Training

- important but overestimated

- much more important to have a database of games in your mind 

- good for calculation

Time spent studying v. Time spent playing

- if you play a lot, spend more time studying vice versa

- learn knowledge followed by playing 


- turn off worries, take out the "trash" 

- forbidden to watch other's games when playing

- 100% concentration

- don't go on social media before the tournament because that will only increase "trash"

- turn off everything and focus before the game 

- motivate yourself 

Training Advice 

- watch a lot of games and understand ideas etc. 

- the number of games you play for blitz should be equivalent to the number of rounds in your usual tournament 

- around 1 hour of tactics/puzzle 

- find books where the author played the games or used the Recommended Page to see what books GM Avetik recommends

- find sparring partners around your level

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