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Creating PGN files is a HUGE time requirement

Dear Chessmood,

I very much enjoy your content. I have been working to create PGN files in chessable so that I can drill them, I have done this with all of the Scotch videos and most of the Sicilian videos but it is extremely time consuming. We each have only so much time we can devote to chess and it seems that spending time manipulating software is not the best use of chess time. It is also very difficult as the software has limits. I am spending hours upon hours wrestling with software and not actually learning chess. It is extremely frustrating.

Please tell me, step by step, how you recommend building chess PGNs. If this is the recommended way to learn what are the exact recommended steps that are not extremely time consuming and will facilitate the best learning. What software do you use and what is your study methodology with this software?

I have read your position that you do not want to hand over a PGN because the student may not watch the videos and they can learn more from building their own PGN. I very much disagree with this position, the videos are VERY educational and having them in conjunction with a PGN that can be clicked through does facilitate learning. However, I feel like I have wasted dozens of hours trying to build PGNs and I am probably not doing it right. Trying to learn openings this way is requiring much more time than perhaps you intended.

Thank you for your help,


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