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List of (my) problems to solve

Just a brain dump of the study/play problems I'm trying to solve that don't have satisfying answers so far...

Blunders in 5 3 chess:
  Sometimes missing the opponent's mistake because I wasn't looking and why I start missing stuff.
  Forgetting to visualise the position if necessary before making moves to blunder check
  Time management vs playing bad moves too quickly

  Being able to replay (part of) a line against a realistic opponent again and again until I understand it
  Getting enough experience
  Finding how to play the middlegames in specific openings when not enough good examples in the database (and tracking them down in the first place).
  Remembering and recall

Studying games:
   How many?
   How to gain something from it?
   What to be looking for.

  How to do it - very little beyond the obvious and keep at it (akin to the problem (but less understood) of why can't one draw, understand mathematics, speak new foreign languages fluently)
  How much skill is required (i.e. how is it being used practically as opposed to blindfold chess)

Thinking process:
  Very little good information on it - in the streams it's often mentioned as having good sight of board or intuition, but not (able to be) broken down on how to get it or how to train it during again (the levels of conscious/unconscious (in)competence). Much of the information is very general (study puzzles, studies, games, play a lot, analyse) requiring a lot of time which many people do not have.

  What to note down?
  How much to note down?
  How much to revise and when.

  How to condense study into 2 hours a day so it can co-exist with work

PRO Members

Anti-Sicilian Part 3 - 2. ... e6 3. f4 Nc6 4. Nf3 Nf6

Hi, I just faced 4. ... Nf6 in a blitz game and did not find it in my notes. I checked previous discussions in the forum (https://chessmood.com/forum/pro-members/anti-sicilian-part-3-question-3nc6#scroll11080 and https://chessmood.com/forum/pro-members/anti-sicilian-part-3-question-3nc6#scroll11105) but if I am not mistaken, we have not exchanged ideas on this position.

What do you think about immediately attacking the knight with 5. e5 (what I actually played)? And how to continue further:

playing d2-d4 or not
exchanging the light-squared bishop against the knight on c6 or not and
how to develop the dark-squared bishop?

I added some more thoughts in the pgn.