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Anti sicilian



I am new member  here..

I have a doubt in the line in Course 2 Anti sicilian Nc3- Part 1- Section 2 -19.

ie 1 e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3. f4 g6 4 Bc4 Bg7 5 Nf3 Nc6 6.0-0 .Nc6 7 d4.

I played few games on chess.com and my opponent played 
7... cd  8. Nb5  a6  9. Nbd4  Nd4  10. Nd4  Nf6 ????

I tried e5, but could not get anything,  Checked f5 too , still no satisfactory game and black seems more than fine.  

Please guide me how to continue after  10.....Nf6 ?

Thank you 

Vinaykumar s h 

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French 3.Bd3 b6

Question about this position: 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Bd3 b6 - looks weird move but french idea to exchange bishop via a6. Here's example game I played https://lichess.org/d5wIinOFZStM , but I dont think i got much from the opening.

I think should have played 3.Nf3 and now 3..Ba6 doesnt quite work 4.Bxa6 Nxa6 5.exd5 gives white substantial edge according to stockfish 12, because of the weakened squares and lack of dev for black.

Any ideas about this, guys?

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How to find the right coach recent article

GM Avetik

Thanks for your comprehensive article on finding the right chess coach with lots of good points.

Interestingly, just today I was thinking of my own chess coaches (& chess study & training) & thought I would add a timely comment in the light of your article.

I have been "lucky" to have had two good chess coaches, but even they have serious limitations, that I shall briefly mention!

I will also add that I am a qualified Squash Rackets Association coach (level one for beginners, but I ceased actual practical squash play & coaching a few years ago) & I have had teacher training experience (though I never completed my teaching qualification exams, I did a lot of work toward that). As an amateur (lowly rated) chess player, I have even coached beginner junior chess players (in the main, an enjoyable activity!). Right now, I am creating my own beginner chess course (based off a beginner chess course I made about 6 years ago).

So, one of my main points, is that I believe all coaches should have had at leat some teacher training experience or undertaken a recognised qualification for coaching. Many turn to coaching with no idea of teaching, learning & educational  practices, which, imho, is not good. In squash, I myself, took coaching from some fine international squash players, who only coached to fill their time & make money & were not even good coaches & this happens in chess too, as you know & state! Very sad.

I also believe it is important that a coach has experience of actual play at & above the level they coach at, but high rated players certainly do not necessarily make good coaches. Now back to my chess coaches.

My first chess coach, taught me the openings he played as a very good experienced chess club player (& secretary of the local adult chess club & organiser of the junior chess club). I learnt lots, but when my learning progress slowed down, he told me it was because I was not doing what he told me!! Well, need I say more? A nice guy, but not a good, supportive, helpful coach....

My next coach was an online coach (via FB Messenger calls), a WIM Olympiad chess player. She taught me her specialised openings (1.b3 as White & Grivas Sicilian as Black), which was very enjoyable, but she had played these almost exclusively her whole chess career & I found I kept running into new lines all the time when I played these, especially as I had no previous experience of these. Lastly, I have to say that neither of these coaches, gave me a defined structured customised (for me), training plan & schedule, which, imho, is a basic essential requirement for good coaching. I can go on & on about this point & many more, but I will leave it here for now.

Now on to Chess Mood coaching. Is it good? Well, it might be for some, but, so far, since I have been here, I am not yet convinced it is for me! I paid my next subscription here recently & I told myself, I would spend more time & effort with the resources here, but the weeks go by & I still find it hard to do this! Well, this should give me a prompt to do better. Briefly, I have had little success with a training partner or coach here & I feel all alone & yet (strangely?!), that it is simply up to & down to me to get any improvement & that is actually fine for me! I like challenges!

Alright, onwards & upwards, COGRO, right mood, right move, no hoodie blunders!

Best coaching & play y'all! :-)

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