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An important question

Now a days we are living in modern world in which there are many commentaries, podcast of gms, youtube channels and a lot online companies like Chessmood. Do you guys think we should blindly trust what super gms recommend ?

Without even analyzing your level do you think it's good to listen what Fabi and Magnus said about books? 

I see so many people listens to podcast , commentaries and unknown gms and just blindly follow the path they shared. 

I think this is not good way to improve in chess. You should understand your level and then pick books or courses which suits your level. 

When I had one on one with Coach Avetik. He shared me so many valuable advice  which I am sharing in bottom.

1. For tactics he said use chesstempo but as I love books so I said I will go for books and he said okay.

2. For endgame he said that it's good to do simple books but not Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual and his reasoning was that you wont fully take advantage from the book. It's not like you cant understand concept but in case of solving you will miss so many hidden resources because it's designed for 2000+ elo players. I have a nice friend who is currently 2200 FIDE and he even told me same. He tried to solve this book with his teammate who is 2300 FIDE but both struggled even in pawn endgame. So now you can understand the level of the book. I also tried it once but I did failed to see so many hidden points.  So conclusion is that why choose a book if you cant fully see all the hidden resources .So I left that book and I am doing from simple ones and learning faster too.

3. For middlegames he suggested me to go through cm courses on middlegames and he suggested me not to pick Tal, Kasparov, Fischer in the beginning of my study because they will be more complex and I may miss critical things. So I followed his advice and now after one year now I think I am able to go to Fischer's games atleast. 

There are so many things he shared too in one on one. I followed all the things and I see difference in my game and level of understanding too.

So , guys share your opinions . Is it good to blindly listen what popular IM, GM said or listen to those who are successful and connected with you also. 

I learnt a cool thing in past from a book called " Copycat Marketing" In the book author said that if you want to become successful then just copy what the successful person did. With this you can easily stay away from the mistakes which he did in his journey you get success faster. I apply this idea in my work also and I feel difference. My teammate who is 2200 is so connected guy so whenever I listen to his advice I see difference in my play. 

Do you guys have teammate? 

Do you guys listens to podcasts and blindly trust them?

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Please help with my morning routine


My name is Anton, i'm 34 from Toronto, Canada. I work full-time, from home, from about 8-30 to about 4-30. I drop by wife off at work around 6-30 am. Then I walk my dog, make coffee, etc.

Pretty much every day from Mon - Fri I have about an hour and fifteen minutes, from 7-15 to 8-30 to dedicate to chess.

Right now I have the following routine:

a) Warm up - I do one or two runs of Puzzle Storm on Lichess

b) I play 1 bullet game, 2+1

c) I play 1 blitz game, 5+3

d) I play 1 rapid game, 10+5

Then, perhaps around lunch time, or after work, I try to find time to work on openings (Chessable) and lessons (aimchess, or books I own). Because I have a busy work and also sometimes get busy in the evenings, I don't always find time to study chess. So mornings are pretty consistent, and evenings - 50/50. Some days I can study for an hour or two, some days - I'm too busy.

Question for more experienced players - would you change something with my morning routine?

Should I play a 30+0 game instead? This way I can play 5 longer games each week, but perhaps the quality of thinking will be better? Should I play 3 or 5 or 6 blitz games instead? Stick to same time control? Perhaps play all bullet games one day, then all blitz games next day, etc?

Or should I do lessons and studies in mornings, and play some games if I get a chance in the evening or weekends?

Should I mix it up - one day play, other day study in the morning?

Also, I probably don't spend enough time analyzing my games. I do analyze them, but probably not in enough detail.


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2021 Superbet Chess Classic (Useful pgn)


I was following this event and watched live commentary. From which I selected model games and also made tests based on it. Tomorrow I will upload a pgn which is based on tests+ full games .  So those who wants to test their skills can download it tomorrow and check your calculation as well as instincts and endgames and tactical abilities. Thanks and good luck in your chess.

You should open tests first then go to the game. So it will be easy for you to answer the tests well. I used chess.com's commented games as reference and also chess.com commented those games which were famous and also amazing during event. So all games are not gonna be commented but still the tests will test your overall skills. 

Good luck!

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