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Pawn Structure Training?

As coach suggested to work on openings courses and then play more and more games of that openings and then check your pgn files for any mistakes. By this way we can memorize not only the variations and ideas but it will improve our speed of play too. But what about pawn structures? I am working on pawn structures with my friend. We chose those pawn formations which may arise in chessmood openings. I am sharing my current structures training in the bottom.

1. Carlsbad Structure. (Before chessmood I studied and loved this structure and this structure motivated me to learn classics of Karpov so after coach taught me learn classics I chose Karpov).  Another point of learning this pawn formation is to improve my caro kann exchange variation play. Because Chessmood presents Caro exchange so we have carsbad in exchange variation too.

2. KID structures. The reason behind learning this structure is that sometimes in London System we get some versions of KID. So I decided to learn the structure.

So my question is how do you guys revise pawn formations ideas? For example, for me carlsbad main lines are so easy to understand and I can even dominate people using carlsbad ideas but KID is tough and new structure for me. So is it good for me to play games with this new structure then check the ideas with book of structures that I did well or not. 

Any suggestions about working on pawn formations are welcome.

I am using this book because it not only show games but the way author explained ideas improved my positional understanding to the next level. I am also thinking to apply the woodpecker method in case of pawn structure training.


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