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Blind Spots Anyone?

The title of this post maybe a little misleading but it was inspired by the recent thread Chess Is Hard, that thread made me reflect on many things I took for granted and I wanted to respond in that thread but decided to hold back in fear of not articulating my thoughts clearly enough. However today I was watching a Blitz Game online (see screenshot at end of post) and in the position on the Board I immediately wanted to play Qxh6 check followed by Rh4 mate, there were only two problems, Rh4 is illegal and even if it were possible Qh5 stops mate LOL. The reason why I immediately spotted the idea of Qxh6 check followed by Rh4 mate is because this is a typical mating pattern known as Anastasia's Mate. What makes the position a little unusual  though is that this mating pattern more often occurs on the seventh rank rather than the sixth and is usually taught that way.

From the screenshot position Galchenko  finished off his GM opponent in prosaic fashion,  but can you find the more aesthetic path to victory. :-) 


If you did then that is an example of the opposite of Blind Spot, you visualise the final position and work backwards from there to find the solution if one exists. When you can recognise typical patterns in an actual game, and understand fully the features that make them work as well as what makes them fail , then it will help you eliminate Blind Spots. As I mentioned in a previous post, calculation is not a very efficient way  to find combinations for humans, primarily calculation is the means human chess players use to verify whether a combination works or not, but the actual spotting of a combination is more often prompted by pattern recognition  and intuition. Pattern recognition is self explanatory, but intuition is a bit more abstract so I will give a small example, look what happened in the Galchenko  game his experienced GM opponent kept moving his pieces away from his own king while at the same time virtually forcing the opponent ones into more attacking positions. Intuitively anytime someone abandons the defence of their King to create threats on the other side of the board a strong player will automatically focus their attentions on constructing direct attacking possibilities,  patterns, combinations etc.  

To sum up, to help eliminate Blind Spots it is not enough to improve calculation we also need to create  a large mental database of typical mating and other  attacking patterns, strategic themes and tactical motifs, and all of this must eventually become second nature .

Yes,  Chess is hard but that is what makes it so much fun and rewarding. :)

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Motivation- A necessity for most of people

I am just curious to know something about motivation. People who lose or have issues in anything beg others to send them motivational video or books and they say like oh once I will watch this I will become motivated to work again. Do you guys think it's right approach?

For me when I feel down I watch Pawn Sacrifice Movie and it makes me motivated again. But it does not mean that all time I need that movie to motivate me. My motivation comes from inside. My past loses, never won any event in 7 years, people laughed at me and called me loser, all ignored me, This all motivates me to do something by which I can slap on their face. Don't take my words in negative way. People are good and bad. Bad people only understand the power of success slap. Thats's why I work a lot. 

You may be see that in some chessmood posts I am posting how many books I am doing right now. It's more than 7 I think. and my target is to finish 5 of them in 50 days from now.  I did not post them for anyone's appreciation. I posted them to motivate those who need motivation to work. I am just 1465 but I have goals and I am committed to achieve them and I have nothing if not chess. So I only have to do everything which I can in chess. So be happy and try to focus on what your inner heart says. But as I said once you will have goals and burning desire then you will achieve success.

I am super happy that because of ChessMood I found two amazing training partners Jay and Devansh. 

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Caruana joined ChessMood

Yesterday Caruana played 5.g4! - Pasini variation - a very rare one, which we recently added in the Modern Pirc course. 


He did all the ideas in the game, shown in the course... 

Now I'm thinking, is he a secret PRO Member of ChessMood? :) Are any of his coaches secret ChessMood PRO Members? :) 

Or is it just a coincidence?  
What do you think? :) 

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