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Thanks to Avetik sir!!
I have no words to express my feelings right now. I worked very very hard when I was beginner but never got expected results. But after I found Avetik GM Grigoryan sir my game is improving and funny thing about it is that I am not doing calculation training. I am only following what coach told me. Study classics and I am only watching classics now a days. Today idid not wanted to play in chessmood tournament but I joined to see some parings.
One win against 2300+ player in blitz

One lost by mouse in dead drawn position against 2300+ he showed no sportman's spirit.

One draw against 2100 after I blunded and luckily escaped.

4th game pairing against a player of 2400+ and good thing about this game is that I chose my pet line czech pirc which Avetik GM Grigoryan sir never recommends me but I still love this structure and due to my lack of prep in chessmood openings I thought to play my pet line against him. We entered into complex middlegame in which we both had opposite coloured bishops so all concepts based on initiative. I think he was better in middlegame and then he made a blunder by allowing Qe1+ then Qxe4 and later he became a bit passive and I won in drawn position due to time. I had 36 seconds left on my clock and he had 0.04 seconds and I won by checkmate.
All credit goes to Avetik GM Grigoryan sir and his lessons.
Here is the link of my final game.

replied 1 year ago
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The power of Benko Gambit!

The power of Benko gambit and our Qb6 with Na6 idea????
This is how with our PRO Members we dominate the competition.

By the way, the course "Benko Gambit" is still unlocked 

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Ratings and laugh- Met an egocentric person

Do you think showing your rating matters? I mean showing that you are strong and others are dumb. Recently a man joined my club and asked me my rating and I said I am 1465. Then he laughed on me and said I am 2200. This sounds like showing ego to me. Like he is laughing on me and laughing that I am new in chess but I still created a community of 17.2k members. 

I call this kind of persons as egocentric or egomanical.

Yes rating matters only in tournaments and after tournaments who cares if you are GM or novice?

If you have students then they will know you like ok my mentor is GM but I really hate showing rating in front of anyone.

Whenever I write my ratings online and offline I always make note about potential. Rating shows your game level yes true but it can never show your potential.

What you guys think that showing rating and laughing is good?

For me I just call them nonsense. No matter they are GM or even world champ. Keep your rating to yourself or if you want to present it in front of anyone then be gentle with them even if they are new in chess or not playing events. For me I played only 3 rated events so I know I am underrated. I am not saying I am above 2000 but I know I can play like 1800 FIDE  In past when Magnus was young I hate his personality. He showed anger when he lost and also he threw a pen on Ivanchuk I think and also he sometimes did not came to conferences. But now as he is mature man he is more gentle and nice person and I love it.

I will be interested in knowing your views about this 

replied 1 year ago
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The Spirit of Warrior

Hey Champions!

We have this topic in our Blog.
If you have any questions, comments or you just liked it, feel free to share your thoughts here

replied 1 year ago
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