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Your Playing Style

HI, I wanna know the playing style of our chessmood family. It's so cool to know how many of your likes attacking chess, positional chess or may be universal players. 

Note: If possible then share the names of books which improved your current style so other can learn from those valuable books.

About me: 

~The Beginning ~

It's funny because I am novice so I thought I wanna become a positional chess player. So when I had one on one call with coach I told him I love positional play and I wanna become very good in positional chess. So after I joined chessmood and joined every webinar and streams I do not know but I started to play so aggressive. I do not know but patterns which I saw in streams sometimes comes in my mind and I win many games with attacking skills. But chessmood streams also improved my positional play. I heard many times from coach Gabuzyan (This pawn is weak so let me fix the pawn then I will win this) Yes, for strong players it's simple thing to say but for a novice like me I felt so excited to see the outcome of his words on board and in the end his technique of fixing a weakness then win it worked well. So I learnt like oh if I wanna win a pawn then fixing it then winning is best idea. I know it depends on positions but normally this is the idea.  


Now my mindset is totally changed. I like to play the position. If the position is quiet I play with slow approach and hope to win like Karpov or Ulf but if the position is based on initiative then timing is everything then I try to play like Shirov. Heheheh, I know they are world class masters but they are also human. If we follow their games and lessons we can also attack and defend and play positional like them . Now, I am just a universal player and improving my overall skills.

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The winners of September

Hello ChessMood Family! 
We are very excited to see, that each month the quality of the games are becoming better and better. 
Thanks for all the games you've posted! 

The 5th prize goes to 
@Abhi_yadav for his crushing the Caro Kann. 

The 4th prize goes to @Karl_Strohmaier for crushing the Scandinavian with his nice Nc6! 

The 3rd prize goes to @Ash_Pv for his brilliant game with Modern Maroczy.  The two breakthroughs d5 and b5 and the conversation of  2 bishops advantage was very nice.  The game will be added in the "model games" section of the course.  
(Here is the link: https://lichess.org/mzo41NxE/black#79) 

The 2nd prize goes to @Jaylen_Lenear for his nice positional game which he finished with two knight sacrifices. 

And the winner of this month becomes @Keok_Woltek who sacrificed almost all his pieces :) 

The guy who improved the most, comparing to the previous month is @Aayush_Shirodkar
For which he gets 50k. 

Congratulations, winners and everyone who raised their rating improved their game, or enjoyed playing chess this month! 

See you in the next month's competition. 

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