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Carlsbad Ideas- Let's Debate

Hi, today I played a nice game of Carlsbad. I know it was blitz but I was well prepared for the main lines so I had no issue with time control. My question is how do you play as black in Carlsbad? In my game black made a commitment by playing c6. I think it gave me additional option of long castles. Instead of this c6 I prefer more Nbd7- Qc2- Re8 idea to play Nf8 and later decide play c6 or direct c5. 

The problems of c6 was that black will have to lose a tempo in playing c5 and this tempo is sufficient for white to advance his forces in the queenside. Also if black follow general plan of Nbd7 then Re8 Nf8 and white thinks ok let's castles long (which he can if he wants to) then black have additional idea of Be6 Rc8 and direct c5 and hope for active counterplay against white's king.


Some thoughts about my game now:

1. I know many masters still commit c6 and later white can castle and black will lose a tempo by playing c6 then c5. So I disliked it because black can wait first to see where white king will castle then move the pawn in the queenside.
2. Move 9th h6? My first instinct was like really? My king is still in center man and I can castles long anytime so are you happy to allow g4 g5 so easily with this g7-h6 pawn str. Thanks to @jay for his amazing lesson about lever so I had my idea in my mind.
3.  On move 11th see he played c5 and he was the one who lost a tempo not me.
4. On move 12th if he can take on d4 then I am still better due to excellent control of the center and d file and still my attack is on the way.
5. On move 14th may be Kb1 was not essential but in some lines may be it is. I know its a rule to place king there to defend a2 so I chose Kb1 instead of aggressive g4!
6. On move 14th Nb6 I thought it will be almost impossible for him to survive my attack so I went for 15th g4.
7. On move 16th when g5 lands on board I thought I am winning
8. On move 20th I saw both Be5 and Bg6 But I liked winning an exchange hehehe. My friend told me Bg6 wins and I said yeah both Be5 and Bxg6 looks winning.

I am happy to hear your opinions about this game. I know it was blitz but I think my ideas were decent but if my ideas have any issue or if I misread about any plans then kindly let me know. Carlsbad is so so complex sometimes so it's not so easy to remember all the words of mentors and sometimes it's hard to remember little deep details so experts of Carlsbad are welcome to help me.
Note: Keep that in mind I am just a normal 2000 elo chess.com and 2150 on lichess player.
Point: Many of you may think why I did not appreciate myself alot. It's my strategy. I don't wanna look like a egocentric person or something like that. I like down to earth attitude and it's gonna be key of my success. 

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