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The 1st forum, where you’ll be rewarded for your answers!

The winner of November, 2021

Hello ChessMood family!

Thank you for sharing your games. We can clearly see you implementing what you’ve been learning from the courses, especially the classics! And it makes us very happy and proud! Keep going the same way! 

Moving on to the prizes for November month’s contest -

The first prize goes to Vedant Garg for his textbook-style attacking game in the Sicilian Grand Prix setup!

The second prize goes to Wenstin for this nice attacking finish, starting with 18.Bxh7.

Michael Larsen takes the third prize for showing how to punish an opponent’s King stuck in the center.

The fourth prize goes to Ilja Haitin for his Ninja-like awareness to 29.Bd6+! and 30.f6! 4. https://www.vint.ee/en-gb/replay/12339239/

And the 5th prize goes to someone who’s shy to share their name, but brave enough to find an invisible 22.Rf5 move!

Congratulations everyone! And thank you all once again for sharing your games! 

Best of luck with the next month’s contest.

Till then, keep the right mood and keep crushing!

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The winners of October, 2021

Hello ChessMood family!

Thanks for sharing your games. You all have been playing some really strong chess, and we’re happy to see that! 

Here’s the prizes list for October month’s contest -

The first prize goes to Huynh Hoang for this near-perfect game, with a nice finish.

Valerio Carnicelli takes the second prize for this mind-blowing attacking game. (28.Rd7!)

Ayush Shirodkar takes the third prize for the nice forcing finish in the end.

The fourth prize goes to Vladimir Bugayev for this miniature in Anti-Sicilian. https://lichess.org/wRgAWYNp#33

And the 5th prize goes to Avinash 004, showing how to attack in opposite side castling positions.

Congratulations to all of you, and thanks once again for sharing your games! 

See you soon in next month’s contest.
Till then, keep the mood and keep crushing!

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ChessMood Open with $20,000 prize fund!
Dear chess friends!
I’m super excited to announce that on October 4-12 in Armenia there is going to be ChessMood Open tournament with around $20.000 prize fund.

By the way, right after it, we’re going to have “Yerevan Open” tournament (October 13-22) with a similar prize fund. So you can combine them and play two tournaments.
As there are no border problems at the moment, you can easily travel to Armenia.
Looking forward to seeing you soon and drinking something cold together :) 

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Study Group

Hey fellow Pro Members!

Over the next few months, I am going to be working deeper on our ChessMood openings and filling in my PGN files, so I can remember all the lines better. 

I am looking for anyone who wants to study with me, play these openings together, and discuss the ideas of the opening as we fill in the PGN files. We will work on 1 opening section per day so we don't confuse ourselves. The goal is to know all of our openings inside and out in the next 90 days! Everyone is welcome! Even our GMs, if they have time and want to pop in to give us words of wisdom!

I will be starting each morning at 9 am PST and working till 11 am PST on the ChessMood openings. I will be starting this tomorrow morning, since it is short notice for today, and will be working on this every day at the same time. I know the time wont work for everyone all the time, but I hope some of you will be able to make it once in a while.

If you would like to join me, please download the free voice chat app Discord and join my channel - https://discord.gg/fhZ2SP9 - so we can talk to each other while we work. It is ok if your English isn't the best, no one here will judge you, but it is important to be able to communicate. 

I will be starting with the white openings, and this week will be the Scotch. Please take the time to watch the first section before we start if you can. I look forward to seeing you all over the coming weeks and watching all of us grow in our knowledge!

Feel free to ask any questions about this study group below. I hope you all join me!

PRO Members