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Thanks to amazing ChessMood Team

Um, I have no words to describe my happiness. I am a guy who believed in hard work because my goals are always clear. Yes, life is not so simple so sometimes family priorities came between me and chess but i never left chess. I wanted to improve but all time I studied useless content created by amazing chess marketers and even by GMs but I never improved. In dec. 2019 coach  GM_Avetik Grigoryan asked me to join his website too. As he met me in early 2019 when he had only fb group. So in the end I gave it a shot. I only studied courses one time in past and doing the revision second time and you know what my rating graph is going up and up and up.

In the bottom I am gonna share some screenshots of my chess.com and lichess.org profiles and you will see how much I improved all because of coach.    

My Chess.com's Rating Analysis by me!

                         Before Chessmood                After Chessmood

Blitz               1900                                                2100+

Rapid            1700                                                  1850

Bullet           1930                                                  1995.

Daily Games 1700                                               1860

Lichess Ratings Analysis by me!

I am not a active lichess user but I started to play there too few months ago.

Blitz Rating: 2111

Bullet Rating: 1990

Rapid Rating: 1966.

Now after checking my ratings you may say, oh it's not so big improvement but what matters is I gained confidence due to lessons and streams and courses by chessmood that in future I will do more well in chess.

I lost my all hope in chess when I was studying and losing and losing and I never imagined myself to become a 2000 FIDE rated but after I found chessmood I lost most of the time only by my own mistakes but all courses gives me nice advantage and slowly my ratings are improving and I can feel it. Rating is just a number and soon they will come behind me too. Now I am so excited to play real life events and increase my elo because right now I am only 1465 but I know I play more well than 1465.

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