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Anti-sicilian d6 11.. Ng4 video 12 theory changed?

In this position, the video commentary (4:30) mentions a big advantage and a plan of d4 Rf3, Rxe3.

Unfortunately both my own analysis and computer analysis / matches puts this into doubt and perhaps this is one reason the Nb5 line doesn't appear as a widely considered option.

The position is R + 2P (3 if the e3 pawn can be captured without any loss) vs 2B. The problem is the concrete nature of this position, lack of open lines for White's rooks, lack of easily accessible targets (aside from e3) for White, the power of Black's 2B working together, and the fact Black has an extra piece of wood (ignoring the pawns) taking away any ideas of sacrificing back an exchange say.

Meanwhile both Black's single rook and queen and Bs do have open lines and targets (a4, b2, f4 [if g3 , then h3]).

The computer gives this position slightly (varying up to half a pawn) in Black's favour (though closer to equal with more chances for Black, but some too for White, is my own feeling). Black's plan is Kg8 and then Rc8 or f8. If White plays Rf3, then Bh6 attacks f4.

There are some different moves playable earlier, which might give White a very small edge and therefore keep the line alive in practical terms over the board, but again the computers make a lot of draws.

I'm not sure until this is resolved that the theory can be claimed to have been changed. Even if 12... a6 might not be found (not that it's not an obvious candidate), it only needs one game of yours to get in a database and this line will be found by the next person prepping a defence against you.

Is there any concrete analysis to support the claim of a 'big advantage'?

2021 Superbet Chess Classic (Useful pgn)


I was following this event and watched live commentary. From which I selected model games and also made tests based on it. Tomorrow I will upload a pgn which is based on tests+ full games .  So those who wants to test their skills can download it tomorrow and check your calculation as well as instincts and endgames and tactical abilities. Thanks and good luck in your chess.

You should open tests first then go to the game. So it will be easy for you to answer the tests well. I used chess.com's commented games as reference and also chess.com commented those games which were famous and also amazing during event. So all games are not gonna be commented but still the tests will test your overall skills. 

Good luck!

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