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Your favorite course

How many courses did you watch completely and which is your favorite?

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 month ago

I finished all the courses. When I joined chessmood I finished all the courses in less than 20 days and made my own pgn files because I loved the contents. Let me tell you something about my opening history.  I was always a e4 player. In the bottom I am not only sharing about my fav. courses but I am sharing why I love them.

Accelerated Dragon was my first opening and my fav, one too because I won tons of games with it. I left that because that time I had no knowledge of Qxd4 lines in Hyper Accelerated Dragon and I had no ideas how to play Nc6 well because of Bb5 but when i joined chessmood I saw it so well and loved it.  Finally my love on AD came back due to amazing contents and my fear of Rosolimmo was solved.

Benko Gambit again was my last opening which I added in my repo. I learnt it from other sources but never got results like I got when I joined Chessmood. I loved the Benko Gambit so much . This is also my fav. and familiar opening in chessmood repo.

Against London and Trompowsky I just loved what coaches shared. I also love KID pawn formations and I am learning KID  structures. So I am happy  to play against London System because some players allow KID pawn formations and I win a lot games without any efforts. I call it cheating hehehe because coach told me never play new opening but only add new openings in repo once u will become 2000+ but with KID str. I am crushing people in London System.

I also loved the content of Maroczy Bind. The game of Li Quem Liem is still in my mind and it's super explained by coach . I decided to work on maroczy first. As coach said don't go for modern one in the beginning so I only saw it once and I forgot ideas of Modern one heheeh.

I also loved the content against Scandi. I searched a lot but never found any ideas well to play against this opening. But chessmood gave me hope and I started to play against it with confidence with Nf3!

I also saw and loved the content on GP. Or I can say 1-0 for me hehehe. I am winning almost all my games with GP. I rarely lose any games with GP. So I love the setup of GP against Sicilians and d6. I decided not to revise lines of Bf4 which coach explained against Pirc. I saw it once made my base and never came back to that because GP is superb.

Now against Caro Kann. I always played Caro Kann exchange before chessmood. I loved this opening due to my knowledge of Carlsbad Str. I studied this str. in so depth so I am crushing people at my level like melon.

Here is an example:


   For my own detailed ideas about this game then kindly visit my post and if I missed anything in the ideas section then let me know . Thanks.


After reading my above posts and watching my game you will understand why I loved this caro kann a lot because it's reversed carlsbad and it gives additional advantages for white.  So I just love Caro kann and I am winning tons of games with Caro Kann Exchange Variation.

Scotch I also loved a lot. It was my first time ever when I learnt scotch so in the beginning it was tough for me to remember lines but now I am winning a lot with Scotch.

Philidor and Petroff I saw once but not revised the lines yet. The reason is that they are not common at 2100 level but before rl events I will def. gonna revise the lines 5 times.

My score against French is not so good. I can say it's due to my lack of knowledge but content is superb and tricky one too.

I haven't finished yet Alekhine course due to my tough training schedule.

So that's all about my fav. openings lines and variations and reasons that why I love them so much.


Fav. Openings are : Caro Kann Exchange Variation, Scotch, Benko Gambit and Grand Prix.

Final words I forgot to tell about amazing Classical Commented Games. I just loved it so much. In the beginning I had issue in answering the questions but now I am doing a bit better. I saw more than 700 classics in past 5 months and grasped positional and attacking and strategic eye. I also loved the content on happy pieces.  Now my next step is to see 2550 games based on 25 chess patterns. I wanna finish this work in 5 months from now.