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Your fav chess openings before ChessMood??

I know chessmood openings are best for below 2500 players but apart from chessmood openings what you liked the most? 

For me:

As White:

I loved alapin variations so much against Sicilians because I found no useful content on open sicilians so I was tired of losing with open sicilians so I chose solid approach with alapin..

I loved Ruy Lopez and Italian game too.

Against french I loved Nd2 because of amazing Karpov's game against Mestel.

Against d6 I had no prep.

Against Scandi I had no prep.

Against Alekhine I had no prep.

Against c6 I always played Caro Exchange Variation!

As Black:

Against e4 I played many openings such as french, sicilian accelerated dragon and czech pirc.

Against d4 I also loved d6 and stonewall dutch and Benko Gambit.

Against c4 and Nf3 I had no prep.

Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 1 week ago

With white: against 1. e4 e5 I played the Italian. Note: Somerimes I was daring enough to go for King's gambit before reaching 1600.

Against Carro Kan I played 2 knights variation or Panov Bottvinik attack. 

Against Sicilian I played the mainline with 2. Nf3 and I have to say that although I wasn't very good in the opening, I have played a lot of attacking games in the Sicilian. 

Against modern I played with a e4-d4-c4 pawn centre.

Against others I had no prep.

With black: Against 1. e4 I played Sicilian with d6, Schevenningen or Taimanov variations. Even dragon when I played blitz.

Against 1. d4 I played the King's Indian defence, which is the only opening I have maintained highly and is my 2nd weapon against d4. I also played semi-Tarasch.

Against the English I played symmetrical variation with fianchetto of the king's bishop. 

Against others I had no prep.

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 week ago

Nice, you had better lines prep than me!!!
Sergio Carrera

Sergio Carrera 1 week ago

I love Catalan and QGD exchange variation with white. With black, I played slav before Chessmood
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 week ago

Nice, I only like a6 b5 slav and sometimes traingle slav too