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Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 month ago

Post your fav. Attacking Game

In this post, all chessmood family members are welcome to post their fav. attacking game. I think attacking is superb if it's well organized. I am learning basics of attacking so this game came in my mind. I chose this game to prove that girls are not losers in chess. I heard from many people who think that chess is only for boys. I know their thinking is so narrow but if anyone in chessmood family think like girls cant be super strong then see how the superb Judit Polgar Crushed one of the greatest attacker Alexi Shirov in style. This game I saw years ago but still I loved it. Because the way in which she crushed him was so great. Or I can say, she crushed him like a melon ( A term I use with my bestie)



T K 4 weeks ago

Easy to say.This is the best attacking game ever

(Also can you recognize the players?)