Why It’s a Must to Study Classical Chess Games?

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Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 2 years ago

I love playing through games played by GMs. To me it is like watching a TV show, but better! 

After reading your article, I was reflecting on my own chess growth over the years. The times I made the biggest jump in my rating was after a concentrated study over a short period of time of a collection of games annotated by the GM player who played them. (Bobby Fischer's 60 Memorable Games, Bent Larson's Best Games, Alekhine's Best Games Vol. 1 & 2, and many others)

In all of my excitement to learn all of the ChessMood openings inside and out, I have not spent as much time studying games as I used to.  I am going to make a concerted effort to return back to my game studies with as much excitement as I do with our openings.

Thank you for your incredible guidance! And thank you for all the hard work you do to help all of us improve in chess and in life! 

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 2 years ago

Thank you too, Jay! 
Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 4 months ago

Hello Avetik, hello ChessMood team,

readings the blog posts again, one idea game to my mind:

Would it be possible to add to some games in the classical games course recent games in which the ideas/concepts of the classical  have been implemented and/or further developed?

Thanks again for the sharing so many knowledge with everybody (not only PRO-Members).


Chessmood Odysseus

Chessmood Odysseus 4 months ago

Good reply @Nils_Philipp.

That is an excellent idea, but why don't we all post our games were the ideas from the classical games were applied, with a reference to the game and some comments by the player, at least the games played by ourselves. This way we will all enjoy it and it will be very nice to see the Eureka moment... I will talk with the team about this and we will make an sticker if it has enough following.

Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 4 months ago

Good idea. And I think there were already some post in the best games and/or model games in which such reference was given.
Adam Musson

Adam Musson 4 months ago

Hi guys, after studying a game if you go to a key position you can click on the report tab in Chessbase. You then have a number of buttons where you can search for games with Similar Structures, Similar Moves, Similar Tactics, Similar patterns etc.   This can be very useful and it's worth experimenting with to get some good alternative examples.  The Chessbase documentation is rubbish so maybe we could have a thread where people can put in any tips and tricks they discover to help others study.  In fact effective use of Chessbase is a good idea for a course!  I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it a pain working out to do things by trial and error.