Khokan De

Khokan De 1 week ago

Why Can't I Win?

I played an OTB tmt and I lost 3 games (among them are 1 IM and two 2200+ rated players- all were on my favourite board no. 4 ) In the first loss against a 2200+ rated player. It was a Maroczy Bind and  the last position was complicated (though it was kind of my winning, or draw these two results seem the only possible because my king was open but still there were less attackers and i had an extra knight) and i blundered mate. The interesting point is that my time trouble started around in the middlegame around 20 secs when my opponent had 10 mins ( time control is 10m+10s) And then i had twenty seconds but my opponent had 30 secs and my position was clearly better! I felt glad now because Maroczy Bind is a tough opening to play for black especially against 2000+ rated players. Any way i lost.                                               

In the second game i was forced to transpose into a Benoni (1.c4 c5 2.Nc3 g6 3.Nf3 Bg7 4.e3 Nf6 5.d4 0-0 6.d5 (please explain me where I went wrong)) though i must admit that i didn't lose because benoni is bad but i played in a wrong manner. I went for a pawn sacrifice with c4 only to know after that it is applicable only in e4+Nf3+Be2 system 

In the third game i was a clear exchange up in the opening against an IM but I messed that one too. I was very happy to think that i  will beat atleast one 2000+ rated player but i lost  I had such an odd feeling that I was kind of squeezed in the game. After the game I asked him whether he intentionally sacrificed the exchange or not? His answer made me punch a wall. It was a blunder and thanks for giving me the point.  

The common things in these games- 

-all were played on board no. 4

-i had black in all games

- had time trouble in all games  

Can anybody share their experiences with these? How you people have succeeded in overcoming this issue?

diganth fnu

diganth fnu 18 hours ago

Learning a thinking system, like jeremy silman"s  imbalances can help.
Anthony Mokhov

Anthony Mokhov 13 hours ago

In the last game(when you were winning the exchange), you may have got a little overconfident and lost because of that.