Why aren't there any tournament with prizes?

Chessmood Odysseus

Chessmood Odysseus 2 months ago

Because things are not so easy always. At this moment, there are no tournaments with prices, maybe in the future they will be back. By the way I deleted your other post about moodcoins since you are already in contact with support trough email. This is a public forum, if you have trouble receiving emails, just write via https://chessmood.com/contact

and provide a new email. Thanks a lot.
David Flynn

David Flynn 2 months ago

I thought the idea of tournaments with prizes was weird, unfair and archaic given how chessmood now operates.

It's not a real prize, it at best lets you buy courses not being a pro-member or gives you bragging rights, but you don't really know how you are doing anyway. If the incentive was to give free teaching for those who couldn't afford but were putting in the time and keen, a blitz tournament doesn't seem a very fair way to decide the worthy.

Tournaments are good, but should be probably from chessmood opening positions and open to the whole of the net via lichess for example or some other way of publicising them. That way it's not 5 or 6 people, but a whole army of different opponents, as well as the obvious marketing for chessmood. They should be at various times and time controls, otherwise it's limited to blitz players who are free only at certain times due to where they live or what they do.

And if there is any prize, it perhaps should be something like a t-shirt or a month free / discount of chessmood, but over several tournaments and probably rating bands to show longer term commitment, not just you got lucky because no peer or stronger player showed up at one tournament.
Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 2 months ago

I agree with David.

And I still have not got what is the fuzz about MoodCoins about (not only tournaments but also daily puzzles).

I like the T-shirts idea. Would be fun to see more and more Pro member in these shirts (I bought 4 of them. It took some time but finally they arrived in Germany).