Who is your fav. chess player?

For me it's bobby fischer. There is one similarity between him and me. He only loved chess in his whole life and same with me. I love chess more than anything. Another thing I noticed that he was an introvert personality and same with me. Another thing similar to him and me was study whole day like he did . nowadays I have time issues otherwise when I was beginner I studied 18 hrs a day and gained 120 points in one event after 2 month of prep. 

I just love him.

Kevin D

Kevin D 1 year ago

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 year ago

Sir it's Machine.

Kevin D

Kevin D 1 year ago

I was joking. :-)

Fischer is one of my all time favourites for sure.

Brad Pevehouse

Brad Pevehouse 1 year ago

I am! I enjoy many masters but ultimately I play chess for myself.