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What matters grabbing knowledge or skill ?

Now I have an hr daily for chess studies even after work. So, for this purpose I chose to start a book which will teach me how to think properly because when I think I face vision issues in some positions and also blindspot. I head of ( Pump up your rating ) this book from many other players so I thought to give it a try. But the starting of this book is making me super confused about  improvement in chess.

This para is bottom confused me. If absorbing knowledge is not matter that how can one improve in chess? I am going to read this book completely no matter how many month it will take but I also need some suggestions about improvement. Before this book I already finished ( The complete chess workout by Richard Palisher) this book. I can't afford coaching so I prefer self study programme. I also do not have good internet so I can't watch free lessons on this web or on youtube. 

many ambitious players is that they focus on knowledge.

A good chess player is not someone with well-defined knowledge, but rather one with great



Chase Phua

Chase Phua 1 year ago

Hail! Skill does not matter and it is not about grabbing knowledge. What matters is experience.
GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 1 year ago

I never heard about that book. 
What he has done in chess? Is he a GM or IM? 
If he had success- read that. 
If no he is just theoretic, be suspicious.

I am confused, how many amateurs are teaching how to become a GM, I saw IMs who are having a blog how to become a GM or people who are living poor life but teaching how to become a Millionaire. 

My advice- always learn from someone, who has did already what you want to achieve. 
If you want 2000 Level, ask advice for people who has 2000+. 
If you want IM- ask someone who is IM already. 
ARNAV maheshwari

ARNAV maheshwari 1 year ago

sir pump up your rating is book from alex smith 


I had heard this book as very nice

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 year ago

Sorry I did not mentioned the book name.

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 year ago

The main issue for me sir now is Money. INn india without money it's not so easy to play events regulary bec tournament's fees are expensive. Another thing is that I do not have any real life strong players as friends.  I would love to take lessons from you but I think I can only afford one lesson.

So it will take one more year for me to get a job in India then i will be well prepared for lessons and regular tournament's play.

Because I do know playing in tournaments in essential in order to improve in chess.

Right now I can only study by my own.


K H 1 year ago

Applying the knowledge you learn
Papa Tactics

Papa Tactics 1 year ago

I'd say they go hand in hand. Obviously one cannot master chess without various knowledge - knowledge of typical patterns, how to play against IQP, knowledge of classical games and plans, knowlege of fundamental endgame theory. On the other hand, without core skills such as assessing and evaluating correctly, ability to see combinations and tactics, calculation, decision making, then you will not be able to properly use the knowledge.