Tools for learning openings on a mac


I have just started out here and have been watching the videos and recording opening lines into SCID vs MAC. Does a tool exist which will play one side of a line and tell me if i am responding correctly?

(I am on a mac and chessbase does not look like it works on macs)

Thanks, Tom

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 4 months ago

Thomas, I think Chessbase has problems with MAC. 
You can try chessable.com
Our Pro Member Matt uses it. 
Thomas Sanderson

Thomas Sanderson 4 months ago

Thank you, it seems to be just what I was after! 

Edo Tokyo

Edo Tokyo 4 months ago

Hi Thomas,

Yes, Chessable is a good companion for this. Since it is web based it works on any OS and also smartphones. You can create your own repertoire books and fill them with the Chessmood  lines for your own practice. I think that it's the easier and more practical option.

Peter N

Peter N 4 months ago

To run ChessBase on a Mac computer, you first need to install Windows. There are a couple of options for that: Boot Camp (ships with macOS, best performance,  requires reboot to switch between macOS and Windows), VMware Fusion (paid), Parallels (paid), VirtualBox (free).
DJ Salud

DJ Salud 3 months ago

Hey Thomas,

I use chessable.com and it has helped me improve drastically. I recommend you give it a try :)