The winners of September, 2021

Hello champions and future champions! Hello ChessMood family!

Thank you all for sharing your games! It was amazing to go through them and we’re really impressed by the way you all are playing!
Here are the winners...

The first prize goes to Le Minh Hoang Huynh for their beautiful checkmate in this game:

Yuma Okabe gets the second prize for this fantastic Grand Prix attack in the Pirc Defense:

Aayush Shirodkar gets the 3rd prize for finishing off a beautiful attack after 13.Rxg7+!

The 4th prize goes to Bugayev Vladimir for this speedy finish in the Scotch Game:

And the 5th prize goes to Ilja Haitin for playing this masterpiece in the Benko Gambit with a nice finishing touch:

Congratulations to all of you! Thanks everyone for sharing your games! Keep the mood and keep the #COGRO every day.

Super excited to see your games for next month’s contest!

Aayush Shirodkar

Aayush Shirodkar 2 weeks ago

Thank You so much, Sir!
Le Minh Hoang Huynh

Le Minh Hoang Huynh 2 weeks ago

How I get the Moodcoin prizes, sir?
Chessmood Odysseus

Chessmood Odysseus 1 week ago

They will be transferred to your account, do not worry.