The Right Way to Prepare for a Chess Tournament

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William Penny

William Penny 1 year ago

This is an excellent article. One question I have is how to train visualisation skills? Apart from solving problems are there other things I can do??

Many thanks and keep up great work

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 1 year ago

Hey William! 
Thanks for your nice words.
Try playing blindfold with your friends. 
Try to solve puzzles, where there are not many pieces.
You can start with our daily puzzles. You can watch at the board, try to memorize the position, close your eyes and try to find the solution.  Whenever you lose the position in your mind, open your eyes and look at the position.
After some time, you will see your visualization is becoming better.   
Pre game rituals such as eating blueberry parfaits, listening to Jerry Garcia, Tupac, and Chuck Mangione, while smoking mad blunts to the dome and getting highly medicated puts me in the perfect state of mind to dominate on the chessboard and do really well in chess tournaments. I also reccomend bananas, gatorade, and chocolate to help fight off the chess dementors. No this is not a joke.
drakshanya kudakala

drakshanya kudakala 1 year ago

it good article i really like it thank you toyou
Marcelo De Risio

Marcelo De Risio 1 year ago

Very good article. Eating well, exercise and good study habits are key to help maintaining balance during the stress of the battle.  Thank you for sharing it.