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Kevin D

Kevin D 1 month ago

The Bongcloud!

ChessMood family I have a question. Do you think what Hikaru Nakamura pulled in the last round of the Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz against Jeffrey Xiong was acceptable. Please don't be shy, I would love to hear all your thoughts: 



Hunan Rostomyan

Hunan Rostomyan 1 month ago

As Carlsen said at the end, some of those funny moves don't necessarily lead to lost games. Maybe that makes them "acceptable". I do wonder what Seirawan was thinking... :)
Kevin D

Kevin D 1 month ago

They are all nonsense and lead to dead lost positions! Carlsen was just being sarcastic or in internet speak (Trolling), that's why doing such things is so damaging as it totally confuses inexperienced players. What was really revealing was when Carlsen was asked what he would have done had Nakamura played 2.Ke2 against him, and his answer was "probably 2...Ke7" which would have turned the whole encounter into a complete fiasco. I wonder what the sponsors think and yes it was noticeable that the usually jovial Seirawan looked mortified for most of it. What do you think ChessMood members. 
WIM_Susanna Gaboyan

WIM_Susanna Gaboyan 1 month ago

Nikaru is streaming a lot now, so I think he does this for his audience, it's fun :D

Carlsen showed some strange and "stupid" lines, then the commentators asked him, so were you prepared for this line? he replied that, probably I would answer Ke7, then Ke1 Ke8, then we would play chess without castling :D

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 month ago

hehee  true.

Edo Tokyo

Edo Tokyo 1 month ago

I think that the sponsors were really happy about it. This game is going to be the most remembered of the tournament, and probably of the year! He was lost and Xiong's punishing mode did not work, he was too nervous and probably Hikaru knows him well. Hikaru is an excellent poker played, he gambled and it worked really good! I say, bring it on, the next one in a classical game Hikaru!

ChessMood 3 weeks ago

I think many people make a show... 
They try to get more subscribers etc... 

Some people love such things and become fans, share with others, some people like me hate it.