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The best games of March 2021 and the prizes

Hello ChessMood family, hello champions and future champions! 
Happy New Year and welcome to the "Best games of March 2021" competition.
Under this post, we invite you to post your best games that you will play this month. 

The Prize fund is 350K Moodcoins which is equal to 350$.  

The 1st prize  - 150K
The 2nd prize - 100K
The 3rd prize-  50K
The 4th Prize- 30k
The 5th Prize- 20k

Good luck with your games and keep the Right Mood! 
#Right Mood - Right Move 

Here are the winners of February: 

1st Arman Shahzamani
2nd Vladimir Bugayev
3rd Abhi Yadav
4th Sean Raasch
5th Vibhush Pusapadi

Chong Hao Ern

Chong Hao Ern 9 months ago

 Philidor Defense:


Chong Hao Ern

Chong Hao Ern 9 months ago

Scandinavian Defense


Luka Kosutic

Luka Kosutic 9 months ago

amit mishra

amit mishra 9 months ago

Lost this match but it was interesting & roller coaster type match.


Chong Hao Ern

Chong Hao Ern 9 months ago

Scotch Game


Leo Khan

Leo Khan 9 months ago

Sergio Carrera

Sergio Carrera 9 months ago

Interesting opposite castle battle. After 24...Bxc3, white is lost if he takes with rook, if he takes with pawn or even if he does not take and threats mate in 2.


Jaylen Lenear

Jaylen Lenear 9 months ago

I really hope Im not to late to enter this since its still march. I played 2 great games this month.


Burning the Bird alive.


The Opera Games Cousins (The Warehouse idk lol)


ChessMood 9 months ago

9...Ne7 this is the fantastic move!!!
Jaylen Lenear

Jaylen Lenear 9 months ago

Do they all have to be sacrificial games ? If not heres a positional beat down of the caro.


Thomas Maes

Thomas Maes 9 months ago

Unfortunately I could not win this slightly better endgame after an interesting opening...

Chong Hao Ern

Chong Hao Ern 9 months ago

Slav Indian


Chong Hao Ern

Chong Hao Ern 9 months ago

 French Defense


Sidharth Sreekumar

Sidharth Sreekumar 9 months ago

[Event "Live Chess"]
[Site "Chess.com"]
[Date "2021.03.30"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Loan_2020"]
[Black "ChampionSidharth"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "A57"]
[WhiteElo "1573"]
[BlackElo "1586"]
[Annotator "Sreekumar,Sidharth"]
[PlyCount "66"]
[EventDate "2021.??.??"]
[TimeControl "180+2"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 3. d5 b5 4. b3 bxc4 5. bxc4 d6 6. Nf3 g6 7. g3 Bg7 8. Bb2
O-O 9. Nbd2 Nbd7 10. Bg2 Rb8 11. Rb1 Rxb2 $5 {Good practical try - especially
good in blitz} 12. Rxb2 Nxd5 13. Rb1 $2 (13. Rb3 $142 Nc3 14. Qc2 Qa5 $44 {
with solid pawn structure and good piece play black has compensation}) 13...
Nc3 14. Qc2 Nxb1 15. Qxb1 Nb6 16. O-O Be6 17. h4 Nxc4 18. Nxc4 Bxc4 19. Qe4 d5
20. Qg4 Bxe2 21. Re1 h5 22. Qg5 Bxf3 23. Bxf3 e6 24. Qf4 Qb8 25. Qg5 Qb4 26.
Re2 Qb1+ 27. Kg2 Qf5 28. Qe7 c4 29. Qxa7 c3 30. Qc7 d4 31. Be4 d3 $1 32. Bxf5
dxe2 33. Qxc3 Bxc3 {ChampionSidharth won on time} 0-1