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The best games of February 2021 and the prizes

Hello ChessMood family, hello champions and future champions! 
Happy New Year and welcome to the "Best games of February 2021" competition.
Under this post, we invite you to post your best games that you will play this month. 

The Prize fund is 350K Moodcoins which is equal to 350$.  

The 1st prize  - 150K
The 2nd prize - 100K
The 3rd prize-  50K
The 4th Prize- 30k
The 5th Prize- 20k

Good luck with your games and keep the Right Mood! 
#Right Mood - Right Move 

Here are the winners of January: 

1st  Meet Shah
2nd Wenstin 
3rd  Karl Strohmaier
4th Keok Woltek 
5th Abhi Yadav

Chong Hao Ern

Chong Hao Ern 10 months ago

https://lichess.org/5iU7QdPwRch7 strong knight in center d5

Anonymous :)

Anonymous :) 10 months ago

Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen 10 months ago

Winning against the French: https://lichess.org/MUPCPv8G/white#69 

Chong Hao Ern

Chong Hao Ern 10 months ago

Queen's Pawn Game: Torre Attack


Chong Hao Ern

Chong Hao Ern 10 months ago

 Sicilian Defense: Closed



ChessMood 10 months ago

Hey, champions and future champions! 
Thanks for all the games you've posted in our forum. 
As always, it's cool to see your growth. 

Here are the winners of February. 
5th place - Vibhush Pusapadi, for his nice attack and Bf1 move! 
 (We were wondering if Vibhush has watched Johan's lesson about Mobilization in the attack) 

The 4th place - Sean Raasch, who've raised a few hundred points in the last months. 
Bg4 with f5 idea was very nice! 

The 3rd place - to Abhi Yadav, for the very nice Ra8!! move 

The 2nd place - Vladimir Bugaev. 
It was cool to see so many nice games with ChessMood openings and your growth, Vladimir. 
Especially the one with 3.Bd3 in french, was very nice. 
The game is uploaded on the 1st page of the link

The 1st place - Arman Shahzamani for a very nice game with Accelerated Dragon and the nice queen sacrifice.  https://lichess.org/hH0AGYfB/black  
By the way, Arman played another nice game with the Grand Prix attack. https://lichess.org/mOPZ0f1p#41
Thanks, everyone, see you in March!   

Anonymous :)

Anonymous :) 10 months ago

I haven’t seen that lesson yet (I am new to ChessMood) but will definitely watch it now.