The Best games of August and the prizes

Hello ChessMood family, hello champions and future champions! 
Welcome to the best games of the August contest.
Under this post, we invite you to post your best games that you will play in June. 

The Prize fund is 350K Moodcoins which is equal to 350$.  

The 1st prize  - 150K
The 2nd prize - 100K
The 3rd prize-  50K
The 4th Prize- 30k
The 5th Prize- 20k

Good luck with your games and keep the Right Mood! 
#Right Mood - Right Move 

Here are the winners of July: 

1st-  Moemedi Machobane
2nd- Devansh Shah 
3rd- Rob Dzedzic
4th- Piotr Urbanski
5th- Arman Shahzamani

Aayush Shirodkar

Aayush Shirodkar 1 year ago

Nice And Clean Game!


Aayush Shirodkar

Aayush Shirodkar 1 year ago



Tanmoy Mitra

Tanmoy Mitra 1 year ago

I beat 1800+ player just using  Nightmare of Rossolimo idea and basic end game knowledge.

T K 1 year ago

Beating my opponent strategically with Potato Variation(Seriously,the oppenings name is potato variation)
amit mishra

amit mishra 1 year ago

Won a nice game with closed sicilian.


Edo Tokyo

Edo Tokyo 1 year ago

Hi, I am sending 3 games for your consideration, I played with a very good mood the last days and it has been reflected in my games. I also changed the time to 5+3 as Avetik suggested and I automatically won many more games.

This one is my first Sicilian following our Nh3 repertoire against a6. Nobody played like this against me before, I knew that my knight could go to f4, after that I sacrificed everything. (The knight sacrifice was a miss)... I think that this is my best game of the month for sure.


ChessMood 1 year ago

Edo Tokyo

Edo Tokyo 1 year ago

Hi again,

I am posting 2 more games, the first one is a Benko, with a nice finish at the end with a Queen sacrifice.

The second one is a nice example of a pawn storm on the king side in the Scotch, a 4 pawns attack we could say...

Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 1 year ago

Winning without chessmood openings, with Fischer Sauzin attack + 1 inaccurate knight sacrifice and 1 queen sacrifice in classic 30+0. My opponent couldn't take advantage of my Nf6+ sacrifice in Tal's style.
Hugo Castro

Hugo Castro 1 year ago

Some positional domination:

He blundered the knight at move 21, but the position was already hopeless.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Aayush Shirodkar

Aayush Shirodkar 1 year ago

"Never Resign"


Aayush Shirodkar

Aayush Shirodkar 1 year ago

"Crazy Game"


Aayush Shirodkar

Aayush Shirodkar 1 year ago



Aayush Shirodkar

Aayush Shirodkar 1 year ago

 Minor Piece


Aayush Shirodkar

Aayush Shirodkar 1 year ago

Positional Game!