The Best games of August and the prizes

Hello ChessMood family, hello champions and future champions! 
Welcome to the best games of the August contest.
Under this post, we invite you to post your best games that you will play in June. 

The Prize fund is 350K Moodcoins which is equal to 350$.  

The 1st prize  - 150K
The 2nd prize - 100K
The 3rd prize-  50K
The 4th Prize- 30k
The 5th Prize- 20k

Good luck with your games and keep the Right Mood! 
#Right Mood - Right Move 

Here are the winners of July: 

1st-  Moemedi Machobane
2nd- Devansh Shah 
3rd- Rob Dzedzic
4th- Piotr Urbanski
5th- Arman Shahzamani

Tanmoy Mitra

Tanmoy Mitra 1 year ago

Benko get another win.
Keok Woltek

Keok Woltek 1 year ago

Grand Prix from the black side (Online Olimpiad)


Aayush Shirodkar

Aayush Shirodkar 1 year ago

Good Game...

But I LOST On Time!!!


Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 1 year ago

A quick Benko Gambit 


Derek Lye

Derek Lye 1 year ago


Deadly sacrifice Rxf2!! to checkmate white king...

Derek Lye

Derek Lye 1 year ago


ChessMood 1 year ago

Arman Shahzamani

Arman Shahzamani 1 year ago

a fine positional win against a GM (!) with benko gambit 


Sergio Carrera

Sergio Carrera 1 year ago

It surprised me that Chess.com marked this odd Sicilian game as 99,2% Accuracy!

sparsh gupta

sparsh gupta 1 year ago

Carro- Kann in a  bullet game

I am white  

Tanmoy Mitra

Tanmoy Mitra 1 year ago

Using just the idea of g4, h4, g5 and playing normal chess with Scotch.