The Best Game in Chess History

Hey, champions! What do you think, what is the best game in chess history? 

Marc Sicina

Marc Sicina 2 years ago

Hi Coach.  Interesting question.  Answer: none.  Reasons: 1. really high level games now have so many nuances that they take a lot to study.  2.  Best is subjective to players likes and dislikes.  3.  Kasparov once said that in a World Championship match  (and I paraphrase greatly) 85% of the moves can and should be found by a "competent "  Master.  5 percent of the further moves or 90% of the game can be played by "good" GM's .  Yet another 5 % of the moves can be found by Super GMS and just the remaining 5% or so are World Championship quality moves.  

Also in Which opening??  I think personally idea wise:  Kasparov Playing the Dragon vs Anand after Anand won the Schevenigen game in 1995 was genius!!!

The worst idea:  Also by Kasparov, but in 2000.  Keep playing 1.e4 and PROVE the Berlin is "Bad".  He payed dearly for it!!  

Though I have to find it....  Their is a game by Mihail Tal where he sacs all his pieces for mate.  Or maybe an Alekine game or Kasparov Game are great.  But Fischer!!!  What to say, he was 1.a factory of chess ideas.  2. a genius 3. psychologically above most every player I can think of.  imagine......  you are playing vs an entire country of chess superstars, practicing to beat you.  Studying to beat you and you triumph!!!  That is a celebrity and a great chessmood.com player!!!!  plus I am Bipolar.  Fischer was either Schitzo personality disorder or possibly full blown, so to speak schitzophrenic.  I am not a DR.  I just play one on TV.  LOL

Just a thought not a sermon!!!!  LOL

Brad Pevehouse

Brad Pevehouse 2 years ago

The Immortal Game was a chess game played by Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky on 21 June 1851 in London.


Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 2 years ago

When I think about the best games in chess history, I think of the ones that have the most impact on chess, not necessarily the highest quality. 

Here are a few that come to my mind:

1. Steinitz vs Zukertort game 1 - First official world championship game - before this match anyone could claim to be the world champion

2. Fischer vs Spassky game 6 World Championship match - Fischer uncorks 1.d4 ruining all of Spassky's preperation for the match, as Fischer had never played 1.d4 in a serious game before (1.e4 is best by test - Fischer) 

3. Deep Blue vs Kasparov game 6 - Deep Blue beats Kasparov and wins the match becoming the first computer to beat a top GM in a match. This is the turning point of computers dominating humans in chess.

These are but a few of the most important chess games in history. I didnt want to make this post into a book (Though maybe I should!) I am sure there are dozens more I didnt ad here.

Richard Dickinson

Richard Dickinson 1 year ago

Hi Jay

Nice game suggestions. I would like to make one point on the Fischer vs Spassky game.

Fischer vs Spassky game 6 1972 World Chess Championship 1-0,  started 1.c4 e6 - The English opening. A few moves later, it transposed to a Queen's Gambit Declined Tartakower variation (a 1.d4 Queen pawn opening).

Fischer almost never played 1.d4 (only one I know is: Fischer vs Hort 1.d4 Nf6 Slav draw 1970).

He played 1.c4 the English opening a few times in his career and that World Chess Championship game 6 was a classic example, where he deliberately played this 1.c4 to surprise Spassky, who of course, would have been expecting Fischer's favourite 1.e4 move as White. This was clearly some special tournament opening preparation from Fischer. Does it matter that Fischer played 1.c4 & not 1.d4 as the game transposed from an English to a Queens Gambit Declined? Absolutely! Depending on Black's move replies, Fischer will have steered the game toward this position of his choice and he chose 1.c4 e6 2.Nf3 d5 3.d4 (both 1.c4 & 1.d4 are very transpositional openings and the trick each player tries for is to make the moves that steer the game to the opening positions they want to play and not allow the opponent the chance to do that to them!).

It is so very well known that Fischer mainly played 1.e4 as White, but I believe, that he knew a great deal about 1.c4 and 1.d4 White openings, as he faced and played against these moves often as Black (& with great winning success).

Still, Fischer was almost allergic to playing 1.d4 as White! He also held a few dogmatic ideas about some other openings (ie he thought the French was bad and he thought he found a bust to the Kings Gambit, both of which are not clearly & definitively proven, but he claimed like they were!).

Of course it was a great game and Spassky showed great sportsmanship by clapping Fischer after losing the game! Respect.

Papa Tactics

Papa Tactics 2 years ago

One game that comes to mind is kasparov - topalov with famous Rxd4. Some consider this to be Kasparov's immortal game and considering that Kasparov himself is thought to be one of the greatest ever, then it must be something :)

One of the best attacking games can also be Polugavesky - Nehzmetdinov.

Hasmik Kochinyan

Hasmik Kochinyan 2 years ago

Mikhayil Tal Vs Hans-Joachim Hecht 1962

With a sacrifice queen and very beautiful move 19.ef!!

Robert Kuziyamisa

Robert Kuziyamisa 2 years ago

Fischer vs Sparsky
Richard Dickinson

Richard Dickinson 1 year ago

What!? Really?

No mention of Paul Morphy vs the Duke of Brunswick (aka the Night at the Opera game)?!

A masterclass of a chess game, from an undoubted chess master and chess genius  -Paul Morphy.

Come on Chess Mood champions, surely you know and like this game!? If not, why not?! LOL (do not answer that...). I thought this has been called the most famous, well known game of chess ever played and if you have never seen it, you must see it as soon as possible!

Mind you, there are so many great games of chess to choose and like (seen the Gold coin game ie Levitsky vs Marshall 0-1?..Carlsen vs Sipke Caro Kann 1-0 and many, many, many more great chess games!).

Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 1 year ago

Richard, I love the Opera Game! It was the first game I had memorized. While it is clearly a masterful game, my criteria for best games was different then others, so it wasnt at the top of my list (though it is NEAR the top, and was considered for my post) 

The Opera Game is the first game I show to the kids I teach, to stress the importance of development and coordination. I show the Gold Coin game to them as well, though much later in their learning, as it is a more complex game.