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Suggestion !!!

Hello Chessmood Team

Since you are making a video series on model games of all openings, I would suggest that why not keep different sections for posting our games in the best game prizes post

Games with different titles like scotch, acc dragon, anti sicilian, benko, etc...

So members can post their games directly in that area and your time will be saved as well

For eg - I won a game with anti sicilian part 3, so I will post my game under that section

I hope you will consider this suggestion as it will save yor time and effort as well

Thank you

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 2 days ago

Nice suggestion!


Hi dear Devansh,

I didn't quite understand what do you mean?

To create forums for each course and post our games there?

Devansh Shah

Devansh Shah 1 day ago

Hi Susanna, I wanted to say that we can have seperate sections (topics) in the same forum of best game and prizes

The idea is to have have seperate opening areas where member can post their games

Eg- I won a game in benko so instead of putting a game directly in the forum, if there are different sections like benko, acc dragon , maroczy etc..., I can put my game under that section

So while posting my game, as there are options, I can put it there so I will get all the games of that particular opening

It is similar to posting discussion, we have the option of pro and main channel, in that way, we can have different opening sections