ChessMood 7 months ago

Success Stories

Dear ChessMood Family! 
Here let's post all our achievements to motivate each other.
It may be raising rating, winning a strong tournament or defeating a strong opponent. 
Right Mood - Right Move! 

Roger Rein

Roger Rein 7 months ago

I have been a promember of ChessMood since march last year, and tried to follow streams, videos and other stuff. I have not yet used ChessMood-openings because I like my three openings (Jobava London, Black Lion and English defense) very well. And I have still a lot of things to learn in them. 

But Avetik and others in ChessMood give me a lot of inspiration, and it is very interessting to follow you other guys and see your progress. I also see that I learn a lot of chessstrategy when I watch this stuff.

Just now I feel that I play much safer and have a good mood when I am playing. In less than one month my blitzrating on Lichess has rise from 1596 til 1773. I use my normal openings, but try to learn from ChessMood  strategy and calmness. And it works.

I hope first to stabilize on this level, and then rise again. And maybe one day I will study deeper ChessMood-opening and get ut another level. (If my brain can take it :) )

Until then I will keep my good (chess)mood and try to do my best! And thanks to all for a group that give me a lot of fun and good inspiration.