ChessMood 10 months ago

Smart cheating
Yesterday I was playing on chess.com with someone 2800+.

All the game I didn't guess any of his moves.

And at some point, I understood what's happening

The opponent was a "Smart cheater", trying to do randomly 2nd and 3rd line of the engine
But all that moves were not making sense at all:)

The culmination came here (see the diagram), when opponent instead of playing 26.Rc1 - a move which 99.99% of people would do, he played 26.Re1

It was the 2nd best move for the engine

Takeaway: With smart cheating, sooner or later, one day you'll do such an unlogical move and will be banned.
Never try it, never! Never even think about it.

Devansh Shah

Devansh Shah 10 months ago

Great view

Even Magnus Carlsen won't play re1 intuitively (but who knows :)

You pointed it right that we should play fairly as we are playing chess for brain development and not for external profits (which is a by-product of our playing skills)

David Flynn

David Flynn 10 months ago

On a similar topic to smart cheating, but not in this case, there is an app advertised on Steam that lets you play chess against others with a choice of the engine's first or second move. I'm not sure what you really learn or what the enjoyment is with that. A lower rated player might benefit when one choice is a blunder and another a good move, but a choice of two good moves the player doesn't understand...?