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Simple endgame positions?

How to understand these simple positions?

I can only understand few things about this position.

For white side:

Queen side pawn majority so he can only get a passed pawn in the queen side.

For black-

Kingisde majority so he can only get passed pawn in kingside.

Both players have active pieces?

How to make plans in these kinds of equal positions?

Here ideas are not forced so is it good to make solid moves like trading queens so we will be able to activate our kings and hope for passed pawn?


Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 1 year ago

In my non GM opinion, this position is far from equal. White pieces are far more active then blacks pieces(The Bishops are a great example of this). White also has a large space advantage. White should not be looking to trade pieces here, that will only help black defend. If I was playing white, I would be looking to control the c5 square to prevent the black c pawn from advancing, I would start by moving the knight from f2 to d3 . I dont mind black capturing the b pawn leaving himself a permanent weakness in the d pawn.

I am sure there is a ton to learn from this position. Being mindful of your endgame advantages/disadvantages is always a good thing, but being aware doesn't mean you should always be looking to trade down. Use it as an ace in the hole so to speak.

I hope this helps, and please if anyone else has a different opinion, please help me fix mine!


Edit: The picture has changed and my comments are no longer relevant. 

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 year ago

OH  sory posted a wrong picture


K H 1 year ago

If it was White to move, I would play Qxf7 and checkmate Black's king. However, that is probably not the case. In this position, if Black decides to trades the queens, this will only favor White in the endgame because White has the queenside pawn majority allowing White to create a passed pawn. The kingside pawn majority is not so important because the kings are on the kingside. However, the rook endgame is probably a draw with the most accurate play. 

If the endgame becomes a queen endgame, the position will become very drawish as White cannot shelter his king from oncoming checks and Black cannot create a passed pawn on the queenside. 

If the endgame becomes a pawn endgame, this should favor White due to being able to create a passed pawn on the queenside which can act as a decoy as White brings the king to the kingside to capture all the pawns. However with accurate play, Black can neutralize White's play in the endgame into a draw 

So in these types of endgames, it is important to improve the position and wait until the right time to trade pieces. Trying to transpose into a favorable endgame. 

Papa Tactics

Papa Tactics 1 year ago

Basically ultimate plan is to create a passed pawn using our queenside majority. Black also has a majority but the problem is if he pushes it, the K becomes exposed. The most important factor in major piece endgame is King safety. So it will be much easier for white to use his majority. We can say white has advantage here for this reason. Also there is pressure  F line and current backrank weaknesses.

At least this is my understanding of it.. 


K H 1 year ago

Not a big advantage due to high likelyhood of a draw