Road to FIDE Master!?

I'm new here, and I'm not pro member. An experienced chess player with the highest chess rating around 2072 but currently drop to 1850. @ age 38 slightly old, but I believe achieving FM title should be still possible for me. I have a good white opening repertoire that previously builds by a GM (my coach)  and I'm fixing my black repertoire with my current coach. 

Question: since I have a GM coach, then why I'm here? LOL. Yes. I'm a very hard working on chess, I need the right path/direction. Even my coach is helping me, but I still believe I need to work out more on myself (my coach can't be standing beside me while I'm playing) or while I'm having a lesson with him. 

What I want: I want extra workout daily routine - an effective daily training routine to strengthen my chess. 

My daily Routine:

1) 5 tactics a day from chess.com (my current rating after 450 tries is 2833)

2) 1 page of tactic from the book calculation.(trust me - is very tough). 

3) Play online chess 10min at least 10 games a week with the coach and myself analysis. 

4) Play with a computer in my repertoire position, every day. 

My chess rating on lig chess is 23++ with few GM on my history. (Lucky win). 

Question: Is this all good to my path?

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 6 days ago

Chessmood Openings are my key to Success:

I think if you are here then you are already in the right direction to improve. I strongly suggest you to check out chessmood openings. If these openings and ideas and courses are crushing players of 2900 level on chess.com then there must be something good about them. Most important is the presentation of material is so good so it will be easier for you to understand the ideas and plans and move orders. I am not trying to force you to change your repo but I just mean is that check the courses and see the player's wins and you will like it.

Typical Opening Mistake which people at 2000 elo level and even 2300 elo level players are doing is that they are trying to find novelties. But I think better is to ask their mentors to find novelties or ideas for them so it will save the player's time to work on his or her skills. In case of chessmood. They not only provided strong repo which works well for online 2900 level and offline below 2600 level but also they are sharing new and fresh ideas including strong novelties so as I am following them my results are slowly but surely improving. So don't try to analise too much in case of openings because right now you won't face GM's daily. You will face let's say 2000 or max 2300 elo players so working too much on openings analysis is not good. 

Without classics we are nothing:

You included about working on calculation so it's good that you are doing that but you did not included that you also work on classics. I am 1465 and I know you are far better than me as you was 2000 but I read and know that sometimes people reach 2000 elo level by calculation and tactics and opening training but they exclude endgames and classical games training or watching them. So if you are not watching a lot classics then do it because at below 2000 yeah people give up if they are pawn or piece down but the level on which you wanna play is super tough and people won't give up even if they will be one or two piece down. They will fight till the end so knowing classics will help you more and more and you will find more decent ideas in your games. For that chessmood also made a course called Classical Commented Games. The link is provided in the bottom.


Why Endgames?

Now you may say why I said that 2000 elo players may have issue in endgames. There is a story which GM Ben Finegold was sharing in a video lecture. He showed a position to his 2 students who were 2200+ players USCF ones and position was  White- Kg5 g6 h7 Black Kg7 and he said it's mate in 7 can you see that and both players thought and in the end both said it's draw. What they missed was so simple h8=Q and wins by Qg6# in the end of the line. So here we can say that in case of you you not only have to work on a lot theoretical endgames but you will also have to work on practical endgames and it will be super useful for your overall endgame growth. In the bottom I am sharing what I know is best for Endgame Prep.

Theoretical Endgames:  Dvoretsky Endgame Manual

Practical Endgames: There might be a lot books which I do not know but I do know one book which chessmood and I know is super useful for endgames and it's “Capablanca’s Best Chess Endings” by Irving Chernev

Even though you are doing fine in tactics but I also suggest you to try the woodpecker method on tactics and pattern training. It will not only save your future time in solving positions but also make you confident that yeah my time is reduced. Beginner and intermediate section will be easier for you yeah but advanced one won't be. Stil I suggest you to follow beginner to advanced section for better growth. Rest method you will find in the book.

Final word I can say is don't miss to become a Pro Member in Chessmood Family. In the bottom I am sharing what are the advantage of becoming a Pro Member here.

Chessmood's Pro Benefits: Price: 29 usd/m and 124 usd for 6 months (includes 50 usd discount)

The first steps are the most important ones. When you become a PRO Member, you'll have a 1-1 call with our Grandmasters to create a step-by-step plan of your growth.

Access to all step-by-step and advanced courses, which are weekly updated by our GM team.


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Your progression is of the utmost importance to us. If you have questions or need guidance, ask our Grandmaster team directly during our monthly "Ask Grandmaster Anything" webinars.


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In this "Only Pro Members" forum channel all the discussions and topics are on a higher level, and our Grandmasters are there to answer all your questions.


You will get 20% discount in Chessmood's store.

Note: In the end, I just wanna say that I hope to help and I don't say like oh my ideas are super amazing but I just hope to help. Rest experts will write here if they will find any mistakes in my points.

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 6 days ago

Hey Nicholas? 
Who's your coach if it's not secret? 
Did he confirmed your training schedule? :) 
Cause to me it's very strange. 

One more question. You should trust your coach. If you trust him, why don't you ask him that question? :) 
And one more thing. Show him ChessMood and ask him, should you subscribe or no :) 

Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 5 days ago

Coach do you think the things I wrote above for him is useful or I misguided him?