Rating Progress
Champions, how many rating points have you raised since joining ChessMood? 
Offline or online. 
Avinash 004!

Avinash 004! 2 weeks ago

In Chess.com 2185-2502 and In Lichess from 2200-2428[Highest Being 2474]

Devansh Shah

Devansh Shah 2 weeks ago

2000 to 2200 in chess.com and around 150+ rating in lichess
Valdemar Rasmussen

Valdemar Rasmussen 2 weeks ago


c24: N/A (only used to spectate tournaments)

lichess.org: 2402-> 2585(only playing quarantine league; mostly used for storing studies)

FIDE: +79 since Jan 2021

Sriram M

Sriram M 2 weeks ago

Lichess: 1900-2400

Chess.com: 1800-2200(I don't play much there)

Those were the rapid ones. For the blitz ones, I'm only playing the Bundesligas, so I didn't increase much. My tactics rating is 2500 on lichess and close to 2800 on chess.com

Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison 2 weeks ago

I have gained approx. 450 blitz rating points online - almost 400 rating points in rapid online - 140 rating points USCF OTB, but was halted because we coulnd't play for the last year or so, and I think will increase a lot more now that tournaments are starting up again.
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 2 weeks ago

chess.com 1900 to 2100 but not playing there a lot due to interface.

lichess.org  2000 to 2200 highest went 2284 but right now above 2250. Hoping to reach 2300 soon.

Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 2 weeks ago

I am not offline rated. But I think before chessmood I would have 1200 and now 1750. Online. Bullet +200 (1960), Blitz +400 (1930), Rapid +420 (1921), Classical + 330 (1850). I have been a chessmood member for 1,5 years. 
Adam Musson

Adam Musson 2 weeks ago

In the 2 weeks since joining I've gone from 2102->2225 in blitz on Lichess and it is climbing every day.  My puzzle rating has also increased from 2470 to 2580.  Can't wait to see how it affects my OTB rating when that starts up again.  Hope it continues as I learn more lines and do more courses.  I'm delighted!
jamie Wilby

jamie Wilby 1 week ago

Around 300 pts on chess.com to around 1900 at 5+0 and hard to say on lichess.

I was up to around 2150 on my old account it got banned for cheating though I didn't, after I did well in a bundesliga tournament and beat a few 2300 players. I even made some big blunders in those games also. I blame chessmood openings! My old account which I went back to is around 2050 but I stopped playing there so much. Though I do prefer 5+3 which is what I am playing on there.

Brody Bauml

Brody Bauml 1 week ago

I have raised around 150 points! (from 1800 to 1950)
Edo Tokyo

Edo Tokyo 6 days ago

I was 1700 in lichess for many years. A year after joining Chessmood I am 2100, that makes it 400 points. Over the board I won 85% of the games played since November and I am enjoying chess more than ever! I could never have imagined this before, playing the same openings and watching and learning the streams makes the difference!!!