Kourosh A

Kourosh A 10 months ago

Queen’s Gambit Declined - Nimzo Indian move order
Hello Chessmood friends,

I am wondering why some Queen’s Gambit Declined  players use the Nimzo-Indian move order to reach their favorite opening.
Is there any benefit to combining the Queen’s Gambit Declined and Nimzo-Indian? 
In the preface of "The Modernized Nimzo: Queen's Gambit Declined" book, the author claims that
" A combination of the Queen’s Gambit Declined and Nimzo-Indian is considered one of best ways to play against 1.d4, 1.c4 or 1.Nf3." But, no detailed explanation is given in the book.
I cannot see the point in adding Nimzo-Indian to Queen’s Gambit Declined.

Please advice on this matter.

Thank you