Queen vs two rooks - Part 2

Dear ChessMood Family, dear friends!
After we learned the most important factors playing in positions queen vs. two rooks, now I am going to offer you an interesting position. 

White to move. 
Is it a draw, won or lost?   

If you haven't read the 1st part - here is the link https://chessmood.com/forum/main-channel/queen-vs-2-rooks 

Looking forward to seeing your comments! 


Kevin H

Kevin H 2 years ago

In this position, White's king is quite safe. White will most likely target Black's a-pawn by doubling up on the a-file. Black is hopeless against this idea because his king is too far away from the action. This means that Black cannot win this position. However, after White wins the pawn, I find it very hard to win as White. One of the rooks have to be on the back rank protecting against any checkmate ideas. If White decides to move any of the pawns in front of his king and get his rooks on the 7th rank to win the f7-pawn, White's king is weak and can be exposed to a lot of checks leading to a draw. 

This position is probably drawn with White fighting for the win and Black fighting for the draw. 

Roger Rein

Roger Rein 2 years ago

Air for the king. Attack queen with rooks and try to come to the 7. rank with both rooks to attack a-pawn and whites king. Maybe try to take the a-pawn first. And then try to go to 7th rank and attack white pawns and king. 

Roger Rein

Roger Rein 2 years ago

Probably a draw. 

Kalai Karnika

Kalai Karnika 2 years ago

It's a draw. By doubling rooks white cannot freely move anywhere there should be a rook in 1 St rank for protecting king.

Jonathan Turcotte

Jonathan Turcotte 2 years ago

White is probably winning since he will easily win a7 and slowly coordinate on f7 with both his rooks.

GM_Avetik Grigoryan

GM_Avetik Grigoryan 2 years ago

Anyone who said it's draw. 
White plan Ra3, Rfa1, Ra7, g3, h4, (preparing space for king on h2) and then Rc7,Raa7 and take the f pawn. If black gives Qd1 check, Kh2! :)
So it's draw or White wins? :) 

Kevin H

Kevin H 2 years ago

I did not consider this h4-g3-Kh2 idea! 

Máté Jánosik

Máté Jánosik 2 years ago

So, we should first state that white fights for a win, black for a draw. 

White's plan is to double rooks on the a pawn then on the f pawn, winning them.

However Black advances his pawns on the queenside and weakens white king, threatens mate or perpetual, I played a sample variation just to show it. 

Also if white has pawns on f2 g2 g3, his king will have a shelter on h2, and the rooks win with careful play, black can't really weaken white king.

Also check out Leko-Kramnik 2004 World Championship Match Game 1, where Kramnik won with the two rooks, here is the link: http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1306138.

If you have questions with my sample variation, feel free to ask.

Artrosman Djangologic

Artrosman Djangologic 2 years ago

Black to move! I like it, good example, thanks.