Pawn Majority

Champions, In daily games 72 and 73 we gonna have a very interesting topic "Pawn Majority in the Kingside and Queenside". 

Think please about these positions, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment sections.
Best answers, as always will get Rewards. 


Kevin H

Kevin H 2 years ago

Position #1: I like the idea of playing ...Qc7 in order to support my passed pawns. The difference between this move and ...Rfc8 is that I think the f-rook should belong on the d-file which is the only open file in the game. ...Qc7 followed by pushing the pawns via ...b5-c4 

Position #2: I am not so sure about this one. I usually prefer playing with queenside majority rather than kingside majority. The king is closer to the kingside majority meaning that White's king will be able to help out. Probably a plan for Black is to restrict White's pawn majority but I don't see a good way of doing so. ...b6 allows c5. Moving the queenside pawns will most likely weaken Black's position on the queenside even more. Perhaps the best plan is to bring the king into action through the dark squares to the e5-square with ...Kf7 and then support a pawn break with ...g5-f4. Another nice thing is that Black's rook can also enter the 2nd rank if necessary. The king is centralized enough on e5 that it can also help defend the queenside. 

Máté Jánosik

Máté Jánosik 2 years ago

In general, queenside majority is preferred in the endgame because the passed pawn created from it will be further from the kings and I think it's illustrated in the first example, so there we push our pawns b5-c4-b4-c3 creating a passer (we support them with our pieces as we need Rfc8 or d8, Queen to c7/d6/c5/b4, if we need we can double rooks, too).

In the second position I think the d file and the better possible king placement for black compensates for the queenside majority. I would play Kf7 first (following up later with Kf6-e5) and depending what White does advancing with g5-f4-e3 or Rd2. All in all, it seems to me at least equal for black.