My sister is 6 Years old and I was wondering what are the best openings as white for her to learn.... I don't want to do Chessmood courses as they can be pretty long for eg. the Scotch Game course... It has LOADS of theory also which I don't think can be remembered by my sister... I am looking for something short and very less theory... In my chess club, They have online Tournaments with categories like:

1) Pawns category (Everyone starts from this category... "A master was once a beginner")
2) Knight and Bishop
4) Queens
5) Kings

My sister is stuck in Rooks for the past few tournaments (Online tournaments, obviously) And I think the problem is opening.... She is good at tactics and everything but messes up in opening! The thing is that, you have to come in top 5 of that category and then you move to the next category (So in this case, If my sister Is in rooks and if she wins ie. comes in top 5 then she gets promoted to the next level, Queens) I want her to win and come in King category with me as soon as possible! Plz recommend opening as white with less theory!

P.S. Our next tournament is tomorrow so plz answer fast I also need to help her prepare! Thank you in advance!

ARNAV maheshwari

ARNAV maheshwari 4 days ago

She is just 6 years old and you want her to go to result just let her enjoy her game when she won some nice wins then congratulate her if she loses badly say it happens dont force her do what you want let her do what she wants . She is just a kid and isnt mature yet 
skipper chess

skipper chess 4 days ago

You are right! I should not care so much about wins and losses!
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 4 days ago

Teach her basic opening principles. I made a very nice video on basics on my page and it will be super helpful for her too. She is new in chess so no need to pressurize her for anything. Let her enjoy tactics and some fun games. 

Here is the link of my beginner video which focus on the opening principle control the center.


Soon more beginner lessons I will post. Right now she just need to work on basics but only if she wants. So make chess fun for her 

skipper chess

skipper chess 4 days ago

Thank u for the video!